Time Stands Still on Super Yachts

Superyacht Delphine inspires new time piece

Have you ever had one of those moments when you’re out on the open sea and you want to stay there forever?

If you want to play with time at sea then perhaps this new time piece due to be unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show is what you need.

‘Ultramarinum Marine’ a device that gives its owners the power of time is a made-to-measure watch, designed with a nautical spirit by Swiss craftsmen at the luxury watch brand HORUS. It allows its owner to play with time, speeding it up or slowing it down with a clever ships telegraph or chadburn lever, used on ships to send orders from the bridge to the engine room. The owner can play with the seconds, minutes and hours and make them follow the pace of his or her choice, then return to current time at any point.

Rather than presenting this watch in a traditional case, the watchmakers invited Montreux-based designer Mathias Och to create an Ultramarinum Marine presentation box which mimics the luggage trunks that travelled the seven seas back in the days of sailing ships: it is entirely waterproof and shockproof and nobody other than its owner can release the mechanism that activates the hydraulic jack and reveals the treasure hidden inside.

It was the SS Delphine, the stunning steam yacht built in the 1920s, that inspired Andre Grossmann (the founder of HORUS) to create his latest exceptional time-piece, ‘Ultramarinum Marine’. Fully restored after 5 years of renovation works, the Delphine, whose homeport is Monaco has no less than a thousand square metres of teak, rare woods and bronze. The beautiful steam yacht is one of the last floating heiresses of the Art Deco style and her beauty and technical prowess is echoed in ‘Ultramarinum Marine’.