Sunseeker at Southampton Boat Show

Southampton Boat Show Shows off Super Yacht
Sunseeker launched four new yachts at this year’s PSP Southampton Boat Show:
ê Predator 130
ê Sunseeker 80
ê Predator 60
ê Predator 54
The Predator 130 only made it to the show by the skin of her teeth but nevertheless she still looked stunning. At 1130 last Friday Robert Braithwaite, the MD of Sunseeker oversaw the launch of the new yacht with the help of the electronic string quartet Escala. The beautiful all girl group performed some of their latest work for the audience on the dock.

Eddie Jordan, the founder and former owner of Jordan Grand Prix, a serial owner of the company’s yachts and the current owner of The Snapper, the first 37m, cut the ribbon to launch the boat.
After the launch
we were privileged to be amongst the first journalists to go aboard the Predator 130. We loved the light interior, which features natural oak and the drop down port side in the master cabin.
We also went aboard the new Sunseeker 80 which was an equally impressive yacht managing to squeeze in four guest cabins. To be able to sleep eight people without in any way feeling cramped is an amazing achievement. We will be reviewing her in a future edition of the Australian yachting magazine Ocean
Eddie Jordan was the star of another event a little later on Friday when he signed the agreement in front of us with Robert Braithwaite for the building of what will be the new 46 metre flagship Sunseeker. The still to be built Sunseeker 46 will be Jordan’s 10th yacht from the company.

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