Super Yacht Index Published

The little handbook of superyachting 2nd edition is now available

Reliable and accurate information concerning the superyacht industry has been for many years and still is to a certain extent been scarce. Everyone it seems has an axe to grind or a self-promoting interest to portray.

Camper & Nicholson’s International effectively swept away that concept last year when it published what was called their Super Yachting Index, but because it came from a company who had a vested interest in the business it was still viewed by some as being somewhat biased.

With the publication of a second edition this year all such doubts have been swept away. CNI have produced a sterling work that gives true insight on the both the Sales and Charter market.

This extremely valuable document will sit nicely alongside the soon to be published Superyacht Owners Guide and will become a definitive source for industry insiders, and owners both current and future.

This years edition befits from the input of two reliably well informed data researchers from Holland who were commissioned by CNI. Merijn de Waard and Maarten Janssen who jointly own the website SuperYacht have supplied solid figures on shipyards, designers, owners, and the new construction market.

The Index looks critically over the events of the past year 2008, which, despite the economic climate, produced reasonable sales and charter activity, and a record number of superyacht deliveries.

To read the index CLICK HERE

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  1. I think it’s also worth noting that, this year, Camper released the full version of its Index online. Last year, it was handed out only to media and selected individuals, to keep it away from competitors. I think the fact that the second edition is public for all to see and comment upon is a really good thing for the industry.

    Kim Kavin,

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