Tunisia, the Next Super Yacht Destination

Prices are low, and ideally positioned geographically

Tunisia is emerging as the next super yacht hot spot and marina berths and the associated property market is likely to take off. Prices are low, and ideally positioned geographically, it serves as a gateway between Africa & Europe, especially the south of France. This stable Arab country is regarded by many as more Mediterranean in nature with its prime spot in the beautiful Mediterranean coast.

With waterfront property in high demand and the world’s natural resources limited, it has been announced that a consortium will now create a new destination in itself on the country’s Mediterranean coast that will be when finished a whole new city. It is they say designed to fuse the 21st century pioneering spirit of Dubai with the sophistication of European elegance. The International resort development will comprises of 60,000 wholly–owned & shared properties as well as casino complex, golf, spa, marinas, retail and several well–known hotel brands. The same developer has also signed a letter of intent with the Chinese government for a similar development in China.