Super Yacht Offers Solar Eclipse Experience

Experience a total solar eclipse in French Polynesia onboard Askari

Viewing the total eclipse of the sun when it takes place in July 2010 is going to be difficult unless you happen to be in French Polynesia

That is unless you charter your own super yacht in the remote Tuamotus Islands and the prime candidate right now would be Askari a fully crewed luxury motor yacht available in the area. 
 She constantly cruises the remote corners of the South Pacific as well as the more familiar island destinations.

Total eclipses often occur in some of the most isolated places on earth and this one is no exception, the track barely touches land while it crosses the remote Southern Pacific Ocean from north east of New Zealand and, by the time it reaches South America, the totally eclipsed sun will be setting fast.

The yacht is available through 37 South in New Zealand and next year plans to visit the chain of tropical and sparsely inhabited atolls known as the Tuamotus. These islands have been identified as the prime location in to experience the solar eclipse and her Captain will ensure the ship is positioned for the best sighting.

The yacht is available from US$65,000 plus expenses per week, for up to 10 guests.