Short List of Buyers for Super Yacht Refit Yards in Malta Revealed

Negotiations concerning the sale of super yacht refit facilities in Malta continue to progress, all be it slowly.

It now appears, according to, a local news outlet, that the initial short list of five has been whittled down to just two potential bidders.

One bidder is a consortium made up of the Hili Group, Francis Busuttil (of Foster Clark), Falzon Fuels, local super yacht agents S&D Yachts and RLR along with local surveyor Paul Cardona. The consortium has an agreement with a French company, which is also interested in acquiring shareholding.

The other bidder is the Melita Group, which has as its partner, a Spanish shipyard group.

The larger of the two facilities for sale, Malta Super Yacht Services, has become a leading super yacht repair and maintenance centre in the Mediterranean over the years since it began operating in 2003.

The facility has a totally fenced and secure area and offers over 600 meters of quay for afloat repairs, a 140 metre long, dedicated covered dry-dock, adjacent facility for project management and dedicated shops.

A retracting cover 30 metres high and 28 metres wide can accommodate the largest yachts for complete paint jobs A second graving dock 170 metres long and 28 metres wide gives it an increased capability to handle the largest of current yachts.