MYBA Genoa Super Yacht Charter Show Day 1

In Genoa the Molo Vecchio is crammed full of Charter Yachts whose crews have been hard at work polishing them and Charter brokers are drifting down to the quayside in eager anticipation of a successful MYBA Charter show.  Today aside, the weather forecast for the rest of the week in the city looks set to remain fair and that always helps promote a good feeling about Europe’s top charter yacht event.

Several yachts are no shows, with Dancing Milly III and My Trust dropping out at the last minute.  The magnificent Big Aron, on which we had the very good fortune to travel around the Caribbean during last December, has been shoehorned onto the dock as a last minute entry.

It is expected to be a slow start with many brokers not arriving until later today or tomorrow with Great Britain celebrating the May bank holiday.

Tuesday May 5th will start with a seminar from 0830 until 1000 entitled “The Yacht Agent in Italy: the known unknown” 
and will be held at the Sala Scirocco Libeccio – Magazzini del Cotone, Mod.6.

Yachts on the Aquarium Quay will hold a Yacht Hop from 1130 through to 1500
in the hope of encouraging brokers to visit that side of the show normally reserved for smaller yachts. Tomorrow however evening is the big celebration and networking event, the MYBA Silver and Gold Masked Gala held at the Villa Lo Zerbino from 20h00. 
Evening Dress is required for all who are invited for drinks and buffet dinner.

We do not arrive in Genoa until tomorrow and today remain in the UK hard at work writing pieces for magazines such as Ocean an Australian publication and SuperYacht Business the business to business publication published by IPC that concentrates on the facts and figures behind the scenes of superyachting.  We will however, hope to continue posting our blog from Italy on a daily basis. 

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