MYBA Genoa Charter Show Party Time

The MYBA Genoa Charter Show is well underway now and what a wonderful array of boats are on show this year.

Inevitably with the current world financial situation there are fewer brokers on the dock but the numbers are down less than might be expected.  Best of all those left are definitely some of the best in the industry and even more valuable to the yachts on show.
So what about the yachts?  Well we have been busy selecting the Top 10 for our article in the next edition of SuperYacht World and it has been very hard to chose.  
Of course the largest and the newest make easy choices as these are generally immediately attractive.  But it is the other yachts which are actually more interesting as they depend upon different criteria from special toys to unusual interiors to dynamic crew.
No I am not going to reveal which yachts we have selected you will just have to wait and read the article.
A few of the newest yachts failed to turn up, such as Slipstream, My Trust Dancing Milly III and Meamina, delayed in the yard was the reason for most of them.  

One yacht, Natori, just made it in time and all credit to her crew as you would never know they had arrived with barely 24 hours to spare and most of her interior still in boxes. She hosted a superbly organised CNI yacht hop on Wednesday evening with a gambling table and lessons in that mystic art for anyone wanting to take a chance.  

Other yachts were ‘hopping’ including the wonderful Big Aron and the exciting Galaxy but we missed out on the exotic Belly Dancing extravaganza on the Burgess yacht
Thursday morning was enlivening by a forum on the state of the conflicting Caribbean Charter Super Yacht Shows in Sint Maarten and Antigua in December.  More to follow in a future blog.
Each evening the dock is alive with trade stand cocktail parties after the yachts closed and last night was no exception.  Last night the Italian contingent were welcoming everyone to help them celebrate the abolition of the Sardinian luxury tax which reduced by 50% the number of yachts visiting that beautiful island.