Abeking & Rasmussen Super Yacht C2

Spotted for the first time is the new 78 metre super yacht whose stern is adorned with the name C2. 

The motor yacht was photographed off the island of Ile St Honorat the smaller of the two Iles de Lerins that lie off the coast of Cannes. 

Her Captain acknowledged a radio call from the French authorities stating his yacht’s name was C2 rather than C squared.  Other than that very is little is known of the blue hulled motor yacht that was built as Project Blue Sky at Abeking & Rasmussen in Lemwerder, Germany and launched in November of last year.

Her American owners have clamped down on all information and have prohibited the yard and the yachts designers from issuing any information to the public. 

Reymond Langton Design is acknowledged as the designers of this and her part sister yacht Eminence who is also on the Riviera and was seen recently inside Port Vauban, Antibes.  Andrew Langton one of the designers confirmed his firm was the stylists responsible for the exterior of the yacht for the shipyard, but said, “The interior was designed by the owner’s personal designer whom we do not know. We were not involved with the build and I know from the yard that this is an extremely confidential project.”

The yacht is registered in The Creek, one of two new ports of registration issued as alternatives to George Town permitted under a new ordinance from the government of the Cayman Islands.

Bloody Bay and The Creek are both ports located on the smaller sister islands of Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, in the group but the administrative office, in Grand Cayman will continue to undertake all the administration related to the new ports.

The stated reason for such a move from the government is so that the registry is seen to be more accommodating to the desires of yacht owners seeking to call a yacht by a name already given to a yacht registered in George Town.

Do you know anything more about this beautiful super yacht?


  1. I saw this in Siracusa, Sicily the first week of August. It was docked across from my hotel. Looked like just the crew was there. No sign of life other than staff for two days.

  2. I saw C Squared (or C 2) in Simpson Bay, St. Maartin on Monday February 15, 2010. The yacht went through the drawbridge opening at 5:40 PM in front of a large crowd of onlookers at the Simpson Bay Yacht Club where I and my family were having beers watching the boats go by. The yacht barely made it through the opening and popped a bumper with a very loud explosion. It also dropped 2 bumpers which were retrieved by a support inflatable. The yacht had at least 20 people on port and starboard sides tending to the bumpers plus numerous others inside. It is an amazing boat. Gorgeous! Gigantic!

  3. Saw her in Marigot, St. Martin on Saturday March 27, 2010. Crew was tending to her and cleaning her up as she took on fuel. A lot of fuel! We saw two 9000 gallon tanker trailers and a third smaller straight fuel truck.

  4. I believe you mean Barcelona port, cause I saw her there the 5th, and yesterday night too. The Amadeus has arrived a few days ago, pretty impresive to see those two beauties side by side…

  5. she is at the moment docked in Heraklion, Crete, Greece and she trully sticks out from any other vessel in the port.
    She is an undisputed beauty!

  6. Ant said…Seen twice in the last two weeks moored off Cros du Cagnes. No sign of guests, just crew doing chores. Left at 16.45 heading towards Cannes 30 July 2010. Also at anchor nearby Indian Empress ( that’s what I call a MY)
    again no sign of guests just crew.

  7. We are in Ajaccio, Corsica and docked alongside– it’s August 16, 2010. It’s stunning to look at– and other than a busy crew, no sign of life– even during the impressive fireworks celebrating Napolean’s birthday.

  8. Seen here in Barcelona at least for the last 4 days, and still here.
    The day before yesterday there was an helicopter on deck.
    Curiously there are another yachts anchored near to it, the Luna (Abramovich) and Al Mirqab (Hamad bin Chalifa Al Thani) this could be some kind of multimillionare meeting to decide about the future of our lifes :S

  9. In Las Palmas de Gran Canaria on 06/12/2010.
    Slipped at RepNaval repair yard for unknown reason and sailed on 07/12/2010 for Philipsburg, St. Maarten with eta of 14/12/2010.
    Will try to post a photo of her if I can find outhow!

  10. I just got back from St. Maarten on January 6, 2011. It was docked in Great Bay in Philipsburg. What a beaut. Only saw 2 crew members on the outside.

  11. I was cruising on NCL, first week of March, 2011
    and spotted this fantastic yacht in the port at ST Maartin. It stood out above the others that were docked there! Very sleek and almost futuristic.I’m sure “Bond, James Bond” was somewhere nearby!


  12. Spotted at anchor outside of Gustavia, St Barthelemy on 18 April 2011 and moored dockside the evening of with 2 brow tenders standing watch over a pier of onlookers.

  13. It’s owned by Ron Perelman, 25th richest man in the US. Just saw it in St. Barts & Philipsburg, St. Martin this week.

  14. A friend of mine informed me that the C2 was spotted passing the Opera House in Copenhagen, Denmark. I had all I could do to rush down to the waterside and catch a glimpse of her. Breathtaking! We were all amazed at her size, style and grace as she danced across the waterway.

  15. Spotted Jan 6, 2012 at pier in Philipsburg, St Maarten. No sign of life all day except for 2 crew starting a BBQ on shore around 6pm.

  16. Saw it on the same day as hill8233. Our boat captain said it belongs to Tiger Woods, but there certainly wasn’t any evidence of that. Not even a driving green on the deck. 🙂 I know Tiger has $$, but I don’t think he has $$$$$$$!

    Absolutely gorgeous yacht. Couldn’t hardly look away!

  17. Saw her in St. Maarten last week as well while on a cruise. Two days before, friends saw her in St. Lucia and their tour guide mentioned it was Prince Edward’s. There was a red flag on the stern, i didn’t get a great look though – could have been royal-related, but I’m not positive.
    Love a mystery 🙂

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