Blogging Baby Steps

Last night we learned about blogging.  Today I am going to give it a go. I have downloaded set up this blog, I have downloaded ecto.  Now I have no excuse for not actually writing something!

But how do I begin?  Should I tell you who we are?  Should I tell you what we do? Or should I just let you work it out as we write?  I think I will make this a short introduction to us.
We are travel journalists who specialise in yachts and yachting.  We have been yachties, we have been superyacht crew and now we write about it and photograph it.  We are freelance and have worked or are working for most of the top yachting magazines in the world.
Yes we get to travel, yes we go to wonderful places and yes we even get to sample what it is like to be a guest on yachts that cost more to charter for a week than most people pay for a house.


  1. Hi Francis
    I think this could be a really interesting niche that you could develop. I’d suggest the who we are bit goes on the About page… For posts… how about you tell people what 5 things to think about if they’re considering trying a yachting holiday for the first time?

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing your yachting pictures in particular. Tweet me at UKTravelatAbout on Twitter when you post anything remotely about the UK ports, coasts, lakes or rivers.
    Cheers and good luck

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