Brighton named seaside town with priciest parking 

New data shows motorcaravaners going to Brighton will spend more on parking than they would in any other seaside town.

The study conducted by car check experts, Motorscan, names Brighton  as the most expensive seaside town to park. 

Collating data via Parkopedia, the study evaluates the average parking costs in 30 prominent UK seaside towns. The analysis focuses on parking spots available on an 8-hour basis within a 30-minute or less walking distance from the town centre.

The data represents an assessment of parking expenses in thirty prominent UK seaside towns. Considering costs over an 8-hour duration and specifically focusing on parking facilities located within a convenient 30-minute or less walking distance from the centre of each town. Data is gathered from Parkopedia

Parents always look for ways to keep their kids entertained during half term, and a beach trip is a top choice. However, the cost of parking the camper can put a dampener on the day.

This is particularly true in Brighton, which takes the top spot as the seaside town with the most expensive parking, averaging at £24.21 for an eight-hour stay. 

Ranking as second most expensive is popular Cornish town, Newquay, where the average parking fee stands at £12.32 for eight hours. While still a significant expense, this rate is half that of Brighton’s, offering a much more affordable option.

Claiming the third spot is another beloved Cornish spot, Falmouth, with a marginal difference of just £0.20, totalling £12.12 for parking over the same period.

Southend-on-Sea claims the fourth spot with an average cost of £11.50, while Bournemouth, a popular Dorset seaside destination, follows closely behind in fifth place with an average of £10.42 for eight hours.

The ten seaside towns with the most expensive parking

Town Name:Average Cost (Eight Hours)
St Ives£10.33

Seaside parking costs appear to decrease as visitors venture further north. For instance, Hornsea, East Yorkshire, claims the title of cheapest seaside town to park, with an average cost of just £1.98 for eight hours—12 times less than Brighton.

Scottish seaside towns, in Fife, take the title of second cheapest, coming in at an average of £2.27 for parking this Easter, over the same time period.  

Portrush, a town in Northern Ireland, ranks as the third cheapest seaside parking spot, with an average cost of £3.47 – three times less than Falmouth.

Morecambe, located in Lancashire, clinches the fourth spot for the most budget-friendly seaside parking options in the UK, with an average eight-hour cost of £4.33.

Bridlington, situated in East Riding, clinches the fifth spot as one of the most affordable seaside towns for parking, with an average cost of £4.60 for an eight-hour stay – less than half than that of Bournemouth. 

The ten seaside towns with the cheapest parking

Town Name:Average Cost (Eight Hours)
East Neuk in Fife£2.27
Colwyn Bay£5.84

Speaking on the findings, Head of Vehicle Intelligence at Motorscan, Oliver Thompson said “As evidenced by our latest study, parking costs can significantly impact holiday experiences, especially during peak periods like Easter half term. Brighton’s staggering average parking fee of £24.21 tops the charts, highlighting the financial strain families may face when planning beach outings”.

“On the contrary, Hornsea emerges as a beacon of affordability, offering seaside parking at just £1.98 on average. These findings underscore the importance of informed decision-making and strategic planning to maximise enjoyment while minimising expenses during holiday travels. Just make sure that you’re prioritising safety and security when deciding where to park your car too.”

 Motorscan- Most expensive seaside town parking costs .xlsx