Renegade a Dismountable Camper Built by Boat Builders

Renegade Campers detachable camper or 5th wheel at Caravan, Camping & Motorhome Show, NEC

The Renegade demountable camper is what you get when you allow a campervan and a caravan, to mate.

In America, it would be called a 5th wheeler and would be unmanageably huge on our roads.  But, British based boatbuilders, Michael Guyan and Ashley Greenhall, have come up with a sedate British sized version.   It can be mounted (and dismounted) easily on to a sensibly sized truck.  Built from GRP composite material,including plastic bottles saved from landfill, the unit is made like a boat.  Its single mould construction means it will not leak, or if put to the ultimate test, – sink!

Avoid pain and stress

The boat builders came up with an idea for a caravan that avoids the pain and stress of towing.   But allows users to have a vehicle available whilst leaving the camper in situ.  The idea adds a profitable sideline to their Aqua-Marine Services Group in Southampton. 

Sleek and modern by design it is ideal for use in the English countryside and narrow roads.  This is because it is no wider than a standard pickup truck.   It only increases the truck’s length by less than 1 metre. Without the need to tow or drive our campers, it makes for a much more cost-effective way of camping.

The demountable camper requires no services, no MOT, no road tax and no towing. Insurance is not a necessity either.

As it should be

The Renegade offers a great way to go off the beaten track.  And experience camping as it should be. 

Adventurous and wild but still with all your home comforts. The Renegade camper can go wherever a truck can.  It allows you to spend the night at locations previously unreachable.

Hardy mechanical legs make for simple mounting and demounting. A single-handed operator can have the truck demounted and all set up in under 45 minutes

Each leg has a lift capacity of 2 tonnes which effortlessly can lift the 440kg Renegade unit. That makes it much more user friendly and easier to elevate and de-elevate the unit.

Family-owned business

Renegade Campers roots stem from the marine trade, from a company called Aqua-Marine Services. 

Aqua-Marine services are a family-owned business of 15 years.   They build commercial fishing, leisure, survey, diving and passenger vessels for customers all over Europe and the UK. 

“We wanted to apply our marine skills and manufacturing abilities into a new venture. Renegade Campers is a side project for us.” said Michael Guyan a Director.  “We are trying to provide the camping community in the UK another way to explore and enjoy themselves in the great outdoors. We aim to bring a new wave of people into the camping community by providing a versatile and cost-effective camper to the market.”

Renegade build these campers to last. All fittings within the camper are marine grade materials including the internal upholstery and the GRP shell.

They take over 430 bottles out of landfill sites and use them to make the shell. 

Ashley Greenall another Director says. “We must look to the future and make our products with the best materials and aim to be as green and as environmentally friendly as possible.”