Smart-Therm Sailing Jacket Uses Body Heat Mapping 

Choosing the perfect jacket for all conditions is now easier than ever before.  This is because Henri-Lloyd’s Smart-Therm mid-layer jacket Smart-Therm Mid Layer Jacket designed uses body heat mapping for ultimate comfort in all conditions.  No matter what activity, this is the perfect all-rounder for everyday use.  This jacket has been designed to provide targeted warmth, wicking and ventilation.  It uses advanced body mapping that mirrors how the body performs.

Key to its success is the Y-panel design and strategically positioned wadding. Developed by Henri-Lloyd’s designers using body heat mapping, the Smart-Therm jacket is designed to provide insulation where the body most needs it. That is around your chest and core and sides of the back protecting the kidneys. Panels made from 5% elastane provide stretch and movement across the centre of the back. Lighter weight under arm and side panels reduce bulk and padding in areas that are warmer and traditionally would tend to sweat more and need heat to exit the body. 

This sophisticated design prevents sweat condensation and super-chilling, ensuring the wearer remains warm, dry and comfortable no matter what the conditions or how strenuous or sedentary the activity.

Original Waterproof Makers

Available in sizes XS to XXL, this lightweight and highly breathable jacket is made from Durable Water Repellent (DWR) treated PFC-free recycled nylon.  This makes it ideal as an outer jacket or to wear under a shell jacket.  It is designed to keep you dry and comfortable by transporting vapours and moisture and retains heat.  Even when wet.  Perfect for offshore use as a high performing mid-layer or onshore as the go-to jacket for a range of outdoor pursuits.  Not just sailing! You can use it when walking, hiking and riding! 

Henri-Lloyd are the Original Waterproof Makers.  They pioneered Excellence in Waterproof Clothing.  Established in Manchester, England June 1963, Henri-Lloyd remains true to the pioneering spirit of its founder, Henri Strzelecki MBE. With a steadfast commitment to challenge conventions, “Mr Henri” (as he became known, on account that people struggled to pronounce his surname) revolutionised protective, waterproof clothing.  Today the brand remains at the vanguard of responsibly produced waterproof apparel. It protects against the harshest of conditions whilst striving to reduce its impact on the environment.

Based upon Mr Henri’s hard-fought principles of honesty, integrity and innovation. Henri-Lloyd appeals to individuals who are relentless in their pursuit of excellence. And those who refuse to settle for the ordinary. For over six decades, the brand has enabled remarkable people to explore the unknown. And achieve remarkable feats. 

Henri-Lloyd’s heritage is marked by innovations which have since become industry norms, from the hand taping of seams, to the creation of a non-corrosive nylon zip. And the use of velcro on clothing, to name but a few.

With a new creative director at the helm, the Sportswear collection promises to redefine heritage apparel for the modern era. This will lead to world-class waterproof jackets, and blending rugged elegance with technical precision.

Monte Rosa Sport Group

In 2022, the Henri-Lloyd brand was acquired by the Monte Rosa Sport Group, based in Oslo, Norway. This change heralds a new chapter in the brand’s evolution and focus on world class design, quality and operations.

The Smart-Therm jacket is super lightweight and its slimline faux down wadding is made from 100% recycled polyester which is designed to withstand repeated packing and unpacking.  It features zip side pockets and Henri-Lloyd branded stretch binding at the cuffs and jacket hem. This helps trap warm air inside the jacket, against the body.  There are reflective strips at the centre back and on the cuff for safety.  The outer fabric is wind-resistant further enhanced by an inner zip storm flap.  

The dropped collar allows for a snug fit around the neckline, limiting cooler air entering the jacket and also avoids collision with jacket collars for an extremely comfortable fit. 

The Smart-Therm jacket is available in navy blue and retails at £165 with the gilet available for £135.