Rising from the Ashes Antigua Puts on Brave Face

Putting a brave face on following a devesting fire the Antigua Yacht Club Marina is rising from the ashes.

Just months ago, fire ripped through the buildings on the dock in Falmouth Harbour Antigua. It destroyed much of them and reducing two decades of work to ash in just one night

As flames lit up the night sky, staff from Cloggy’s, the bar and restaurant at the end of the dock stood and watched the flames in despair as their restaurant burned. 

The beach bar had been the go-to place for Caribbean yachties since it opened nineteen years ago.

The flames also engulfed neighbouring establishments. These include the Skull Duggery café, Dock Master’s Office, and Dockside Liquor.

This devastating incident led to the loss of over 100 jobs dealing a severe blow to the local community and economy.

Antigua Yacht Club Marina remains resilient. It is determined to continue serving the sailing and yachting community.  Shaun Falcone said at the time, “Despite this unfortunate incident, we want to assure our valued members, patrons and the sailing community that the main marina facilities, including diesel, water, electricity and dockage, remain fully operational.” 

From pictures received today, it seems he has kept his word.  The Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting is in full swing. Photographs taken by Steve Monk of Da Gama Maritime, show the dock has been tidied up. And is looking neat and tidy.

Tables, chairs and sun umbrellas cover an area once home to shops bars and restaurants.  The ashes are gone and now charter brokers are sitting in the sun sipping beer.

It is quite a remarkable transformation said Steve Monk whose drone took to the air to obtain this exclusive shot.

He added, “Truly Antigua Yacht Club Marina is rising from the ashes.”