NC500 Book Review

Destination NC500 a guide book to Scotlands unmissable coastal road trip

Gemma Spence and Campbell Kerr returned to their native Scotland after years of travelling the world. They wanted to put the photography and travel-writing skills they had developed during their journeys, to good use.  Returning to their home country with this knowledge they had a burning desire to show everyone the beauty that is Scotland.

They wanted to describe their homeland in greater detail than it has ever been done before. So, they set off in their motorhome spending months driving in the highlands of Scotland. They experienced it in a way that only the luckiest had, until recently, been able to enjoy.

The result of that expedition provided them with the experience necessary to produce a detailed and relatable travel guide. It is written for those who want to drive the North Coast 500, Scotland’s most famous road trip.

The first edition was good, and sold well, but Gemma and Campbell are perfectionists. So they set about updating and improving it to publish this new 2nd Edition.  They listened to feed back from happy readers of the first edition. Then they created a book that we have not only read but hugely enjoyed.  It has done what it set out to do! It has installed in us, a strong desire to ride the route ourselves. You can be certain that this book will not be very far from our side during both the planning and execution of the trip.

Drive 516 miles

The NC500 is a 516 mile circular road trip around the north of Scotland offering Caribbean-like beaches, raw and rugged mountains, and generally stunning scenery unique to this ancient part of the world.  Roads here, around the northern coast of the country have been in place for decades. However, the branding of the North Coast 500 road trip in 2015 caused an explosion in popularity. This isolated part of Scotland as not been the same ever since.

The new 220 page version of Destination NC500 guidebook is the most in-depth, relatable, and picturesque guidebook on the market.

It details campervan facility locations, the best restaurants, cafes, bars, and accommodation options across the route describing over 110 of the best sights to see on the North Coast 500.

The book covers hotels and campsites for walkers and hikers alike meaning the book is not just for Motorcaravan owners like us.

Tips and tricks

It is full of insider tips and tricks needed to plan a trip.  It details fuel stops, internet signal, supermarket locations and lists what to pack and how to prepare for your trip.

Produced with care you can almost see Gemma and Campbell working the route, turning over every rock and leaf to ensure that all the best-hidden sights and attractions that the NC500 has to offer are included.

Best of all it contains reliable and detailed maps of each region of the route.  They list the exact the location of sights and attractions to make doubly sure you will never get lost.

Follow advice

Follow their advice and encounter incredible mountains, stunning lochs, crashing waterfalls, woodland retreats, fascinating wildlife, and delicious food.

Destination NC500 is a guide that reflects the passion and dedication to the exploration of the Scottish Highlands that Gemma and Campbell hold so dear. As well their appreciation and awareness that is necessary for its protection, to allow all future generations to enjoy it as we have.

This book will prove useful to everyone planning their own NC500 adventure.  The many, many hints and tips the authors impart will make your road trip around this beautiful part of their home country as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Not only will it help you find and understand the beauty along the route, but it will impart what it means to the locals that you meet as you drive.

Buy and read the book and then enjoy the ride.

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