Black Friday Offers Discounted Boating Adventures in 2024

The Black Friday offering from canal rental boat company Le Boat opens the door to discounted boating adventures next year.

The “Let’s Go Boating in 2024”. Black Friday offer allows Eco explorers to save on their next boating vacation.  Do you dream of meandering along the waterways of France or through the beautiful landscapes of Canada? If so, Le Boat has something for you.

Promotion includes

The Black Friday promotion includes: 

  • A 25% saving on France boat rental vacations.
  • A 20% saving on Canada boat rental vacations.

The offer is applicable to rentals for 7 or more nights with travel dates set for 2024.

This offer applies to bookings made between November 16 and November 28, 2023.

Savings will vary depending on boat type, duration of travel and destination.  France savings of 25% valid on select budget and comfort boats and saving of 20% valid on Rideau Canal and Trent-Severn Waterway boat rentals on Horizon 3, 4 and 5.    


What sets Le Boat apart is accessibility to travellers of all backgrounds whether they possess previous boating experience or not. No boating license is required to embark on a live boat adventure. Travellers are given the tools and knowledge to captain, their own boats, setting their own pace, and following flexible itineraries. The boats offer accommodations ranging from 1 to 5 cabins, accommodating up to 12 guests, and itinerary spanning from short 3 to 6 day getaways to more extensive 7 to 10–night vacations.

Le Boat has been offering boats for hire for over 50 years. They offer travellers a way to explore the worlds waterways. They do so, using a fleet of 950 boats situated at more than 33 departure bases across eight European countries. These include Belgium, England, France, Germany, island, Italy, Netherlands, and Scotland.  An additional fleet of 32 boats are available in Canada sailing Ontario the Rideau Canal in Ontario. 

Opportunity for couples

A Le Boat vacation offers an opportunity for couples, multi generation, families, or groups of friends, seeking an exciting and relaxing adventure. Travellers have the freedom to explore at the only jet and pace, docking, wherever they wish to explore charming, waterside towns, and villages along the chosen itinerary.