Hybrid high-speed passenger ferry speeds through London

Hybrid high-speed passenger ferry speeds through London

Billed as Europe’s first hybrid high-speed passenger ferry, Earth Clipper has entered service on the river Thames.

She is the first of a set of new hybrid riverboats to be launched on the river.

Operated by Uber Boat by Thames Clippers, the hybrid vessel will service the Putney to Barking route.

Earth Clipper will operate solely on battery power while travelling through central London.

West of Battersea Power Station and east of Tower Bridge, the vessel uses bio-fuelled propulsion.

Carbon dioxide reduction

Hybrid high-speed passenger ferry in London

The boat is expected to provide an almost 90% carbon dioxide reduction, when compared with running solely on conventional marine diesel.  

This will go a long way to reducing the  company’s carbon emissions target.  They hope to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and be at net zero by 2040.

The £7 million Earth Clipper is 40 metres overall and travels at 32 knots and has the capacity to carry 230 passengers.

Earth Clipper has also been designed for optimum passenger experience with the cabin featuring large windows which look out onto the iconic views along the Thames and offers an onboard café service.

Barring the Hybrid high-speed passenger ferry in London

The high-speed ferry service started in 1999.  Today Uber Boat by Thames Clippers operates a modern and fuel-efficient fleet of high-speed catamarans. 

Green future

It has been revealed that the company already got two more hybrid ferries under development, plans for another two.

Sean Collins, the firm’s Co Founder and CEO, said, “In addition to her green credentials. Earth Clipper is also “significantly quieter than any other vessel in our fleet”.

He added: “It will, I hope, demonstrate to our customers and to visitors to London, that green technology for the marine sector is achievable. Uber Boat by Thames Clippers has started its journey on to net zero.”

The CEO also revealed that a new fully electrified cross-river ferry was planned to run between Surrey Quays and Canary Wharf, due for delivery in the spring of 2025.