Voyage of a Lifetime

One year ago, we received a commission to write 6 features in a series of Voyage of a Lifetime for Sea Breezes magazine.

Now as our first series concludes we are delighted to learn that both the readership and the editor of the magazine want us to continue.

We are well qualified to write the Voyage of a Lifetime features.

As travel writers we have spent much of their working life on the water.  In the course of our travels, we have sailed in superyachts, cargo ships and ocean liners. We have journeyed across the world in search of our next story. 

Well travelled

Together we have sailed the North West Passage and rounded Cape Horn. We have voyaged to Africa, North and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Mediterranean, India, and plenty of islands in between. 

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These include such variety as Tristan de Cunha, The Seychelles, St Helena, and the Maldive Islands.

From mighty rivers to canals, large and small, no stretch of water seems to have escaped our attention. 

Along the way we have encountered strange happenings, wonderful people, and life changing events all of which have enhanced the stories we have to tell. 

The variety of the craft we have voyaged in, the seas on which we sail, are all so very different, yet each Voyage of a Lifetime details a journey we have made and an aspirational journey the reader can still undertake.  

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Next series

In the next series we will be sailing the St Lawrence Seaway. Later we will be hoisting sail on board windjammers off the coast of Maine. Croatia beckons as we board a 50 metre superyacht in the port of Split and set sail to the islands of Hvar and Brac.

On our list of voyages, we have yet to make we include:

  • Alaska
  • Amazon River Peru
  • Antartica
  • Aranui voyage in South Pacific 
  • Artic Circle – a voyage to
  • Caledonian Canal transit
  • Cargo Ship voyage – in passenger carrying cargo ship
  • Cruise line re-positioning voyage
  • Corinthian Canal transit
  • Ganges River India
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Intercoastal Waterway 
  • Magdalena River Columbia
  • Mekong Delta Cruise
  • Mississippi River 
  • New England Exploration Cruise
  • Nile River Cruise Egypt
  • Norwegian Coastal Express
  • Northern Lights
  • Panama Canal transit
  • Suez Canal transit
  • Stockholm-Helsinki Ferry
  • The Kimberleys
  • Trans-Atlantic liner sailing
  • Turkish Gulet Charter