Liferaft Survival Guide

An essential “when, where and how authority”, The Liferaft Survival Guide is packed with information

We have written the ultimate guide to liferaft survival for all boaters. Its purpose is to ensure the survival of skipper and crew in the event of their boat sinking. 

In this essential safety book, we cover how to be mentally and physically prepared for a sailor’s ultimate nightmare. It includes invaluable advice on the essentials to pack into the emergency grab bag for a short or long cruise, hot or cold climate, coastal or offshore trip.

Lessons learned

The book is packed full of checklists and clear diagrams. After all there are lessons learned from disasters, and this book contains flowcharts to prioritise abandon ship procedure. Additionally there are sections on first aid and emergency treatment.

The new book feature some essential content from our previous title The Grab Bag Book.  But this new edition is completely revised and updated. The new Liferaft Survival Guide is what you need right now to stay safe at sea. It covers up to date information on the way satellites and beacons work, world monitoring of distress signals and advances in medical practice. 

Preparation and planning

Preparation and planning are key for safe enjoyable sailing. Every boater needs to plan and prepare, and every boater should read this book. Another key point is that this unique survival at sea handbook helps you ensure your crew’s survival in a liferaft.

Buy it, build your own grab bag and be sure to be prepared!

Our book tells you how to survive the ordeal. As an illustration it details all the essentials for creating the perfect grab bag — for coastal or offshore cruises, hot or cold climates, short cruises or world encircling blue water voyages.

As an essential “when, where and how authority”, The Liferaft Survival Guide is packed with information on:

  • Choosing a liferaft
  • What to buy for your grab bag and how to use it
  • Grab bag requirements for blue water rally sailors
  • Top sailors grab bags exposed 
  • GMDSS explained
  • Equipment details and images
  • Emergency procedures
  • How to abandon ship
  • Immediate and long-term techniques for survival in the liferaft
  • First Aid guidance covering dehydration, hypothermia, wind effect, sunburn, vomiting, salt-water boils and much more
  • Who is coming to your rescue and how to get their attention
  • Practical advice for when you reach shore

Available from Adlard Coles part of the Bloomsbury Group the 136 page book sells for £16.99

Use the LIFERAFT20 to gain 20% off the book on the Bloomsbury website (you add it when you checkout)