Ghost a Design For Next Level Pleasure-Seekers 

Design for Ghost yacht by Alexander McDiarmid Yacht Design based in the South of France

British Designer Alexander McDiarmid, based in the South of France, has released profile images of the 55 metre G180X project for Ghost Yachts.

Baptised the L’Enfant Terrible of Yacht Design by various press, the studio maintains its reputation for the avant-garde. These futuristic yacht concepts and designs in their own inimitable style never fails to draw attention and impress. They open discussion wherever they appear. 

Recently celebrating the milestone Tenth anniversary in 2021 of Alexander McDiarmid Design, the studio continues to go from strength to strength. This includes the addition of an aviation design service for clients requiring private jet, aircraft and helicopter design and completion services. 

Ghost Yachts:

Ghost Yachts has a history of innovation and out of the box thinking. Ideas and solutions are rarely used twice as progress doesn’t come from repeating oneself. For once we are bringing back the G180 badge, but that’s exactly where the similarities end. A completely new platform with a decade’s worth of new innovations while still remaining true to the company’s DNA and philosophy.

The G180X:

“I’m very excited to see how much innovation became available in the past decade. We took our original idea and rethought the entire concept from the bottom up. We created something that is even smarter, more efficient and, most of all, more sustainable than the original concept,” said Björn Moonen of Ghost Yachts, in The Netherlands

Continuing our long collaboration with Ghost Yachts sees the rethinking of their iconic G180 while maintaining a target of 499 gross tonnes/499GT resulting in a project giving a refined yet restrained, powerful overall exterior design with a very distinct and modern style shown in her profile. 

Design for Ghost yacht by Alexander McDiarmid

The project sets itself apart from the start with an updated Van Oossanen Naval Architects Fast Displacement Hull Form (FDHF) from its ancestor combined with the addition of tunnelled ServogearEcoflow propulsors.

Offering power on demand by having the choice to run 1, 2 or 4 engines. So whether you want to enjoy an afternoon tea-party on deck or want to race to the next destination, the G180X is up for any task you throw at it. 

Design Thinking: Less, but better -Weniger, aber besser

A very original project that adheres to legendary Industrial Designer Dieter Rams’ ‘Ten Principles for Good Design’ giving a very distinct and modern style as shown in her profile. ‘Hauntingly’ beautiful yacht design.  

The G180X is the sum of all her parts created by talented individuals who are first and foremost passionate about yacht design.

Design excellence starts from the completely rethought and Owner adaptable General Arrangement/GA layout, advanced hull naval architecture all packaged and beautifully styled from stem to stern.  

A low profile: 

A Raised Pilot House (RPH) design resulting in a very low profile like no other. From the initial design brief of ‘Lean, Mean & Elegant’, a completely rethought General Arrangement including the vertical design heights, we are able to lower the yachts overall profile.

The functional yacht design is a result of broker discussions, market demands, driving efficiency and sustainability. All while this emphasises the yachts striking yet balanced proportions. The reverse bow as used on the flagship Ghost Yachts G250, 80m project, GWP-345 concept, G120 and G65 is now at the core of the Ghost Yachts brand DNA and a key design element. 


In terms of materials the G180X uses lighter glass with a higher insulation value. Thermal and acoustic insulation throughout the yacht are improved significantly. This results in a lower power demand for HVAC and a quieter onboard experience in general.  

Besides technical innovations a number of design choices were made to ensure build costs don’t spiral out of control. The switch from two/2 larger engines to four/4 smaller ones for example save both weight and money.

Design for Ghost yacht by Alexander McDiarmid Yacht Design

The chiller plant was removed from the HVAC system in favour of an inverter based HVAC system. That requires a lot less energy. Bringing the total power requirement of the hotel load down significantly.

This simplifies and reduces the generator power requirements as well.  The Hull material is Aluminium while the Superstructure is Aluminium and Carbon fibre-reinforced polymers / CFRP 

Berthing for twelve: 

The five VIP guest cabins located in the hull and one Owners full beam suite. Situated on the partial walk around main deck this allows Owner and Guests to enjoy easy access and circulation throughout the entire yacht.

The central focus is the saloon with full deck height glazing. The saloon and dining area enjoys port and starboard balconies. This provides for the ultimate entertaining experience with a potential, different view, morning, noon and night. 

Guest relaxation on the main deck aft is directly above the beach club, with the wellness area and spa located in the aft hull directly below. Fold down bulwarks aft offer increased deck space. The bridge deck with bar offers private and secluded dining. As well as affording room for entertainment and relaxation. 

In front of the one-man-bridge design, guests can relax and sunbath on the foredeck. Further forward, the sunken foredeck towards the bow contains the tender garage partially open/on view. This is made possible thanks to the structural cut out design feature that also serves as a weight saving solution.  

A 6.3m/20.6ft tender is housed within this foredeck, accessible by a hidden knuckle crane for easy crew tender operations.