Port of Funchal keen to attract superyacht business

Strategic position at the Atlantic Ocean, the port of Funchal, in Madeira keen to attract more superyacht business.  To make calls an attractive proposition the port of Funchal is offering a 45% discount at on berth dues for the first 24 hours to any superyachts engaged in fuel bunkering operations, lubricants, spare parts, provisions, water or crew changes.

Cruise ship activity in the port of Funchal is low during the months of May to September and highest from October to April.  If the port of Funchal is busy for any reason yachts can also dock and take bunkers inthe Port of Caniçal in the East of the island.  Garbage disposal is offered in both ports.

Duty free (tax) fuel is available for commercially registered yachts bunkering in the port of Funchal and Caniçal.

An added attraction for yachts calling during June is the annual Atlantic Festival a Fireworks Contest that combines entertainment and culture.

The festival has three components: the Madeira Music Festival, the International Fireworks Competition and performances by philharmonic bands in Funchal’s centre. 

Port of Funchal

Classical music performances are held in the Palácio de São Lourenço, Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias and several churches in Funchal, as well as in Mudas Contemporary Art Museum, in Calheta.

Every Saturday night in June, contestants from different countries organise magnificent firework displays in harmony with accompanying music as part of the International Fireworks Competition.

The Port of Funchal is well served when it comes to the purchase of spare parts and there is a large Leroy Merlin superstore nearby.

Triumph Port of Funchal in Madeira

If there is a need to import spares Madeira is served by an 8 ton capacity cargo plane from Lisbon landing everyday between Tuesday and Saturday.  It carries community cargo including priority items daily, landing in the early morning.

Usually parts for ships, arrive via the Netherlands, or other EU countries, where customs clearance must be done, so that, when they arrive in either Portugal or Madeira they do so in an unobstructed way, to avoid delays in customs clearance on the island.

Funchal Marítima the shipping agency is well practised in this segment of priority orders, for ships and superyachts.