Oyster Yachts World Rally sets off across the Atlantic

The fleet of British-built Oyster yachts taking part in the Oyster World Rally 2022-23 has set off on the next passage of their round the world circumnavigation. 

The yachts departed from the V&A Waterfront Marina at Cape Town, where they had enjoyed Christmas and New Year celebrations. The next passage takes them firstly to the remote island of St Helena, before heading across the Atlantic to Ascension Island, Salvador in Brazil, Fernando de Noronha and Grenada.

The fleet has been sailing for just over 12 months since starting from Antigua in January 2022.  With over 20,000 nm already sailed and now around the Cape of Good Hope, the significance of leaving the Indian Ocean behind and heading back into the Atlantic will, for many, feel like the final count down on this amazing voyage of a lifetime.  

There are now only four months of sailing and some 7,000 nm left before the fleet cross the finish line at English Harbour, Antigua and where one of the yachts in the rally will formally be recognised as the 100th Oyster yachts to circumnavigate the world.  

Prior to enjoying the Christmas break, the fleet faced one of the most memorable and challenging passages of the circumnavigation from Reunion to Durban and then onto Cape Town. 

Fully supported by Oyster’s Rally Support team and After Sales service, the fleet will set off across to St Helena having undergone essential checks of the rig, electronics, navigation and safety systems.  

Allie Smith, Head of Oyster Group Events comments, “The support provided by Oyster on the World Rally is one of the key features of this event and a main reason why people sign up to sail around the world with us.  Whether it’s our Technical Support team helping service winch and hydraulic systems, carrying out rigging checks or renewing anti-fouling and replacing anodes, or our Logistics team assisting with official formalities, admin, and concierge services, or the After Sales team bringing out specific items from the UK, we’re on hand to ensure our Oyster Yachts owners are fully supported all around the world.”  

Oyster Yachts in Panama Canal

Reflecting on lessons learned so far along the circumnavigation, participating owners agree that having a positive attitude, sense of humour and a cool head are paramount. 

And their advice for future entrants in the next Oyster Yachts World Rally?  “Just appreciate being disconnected with the world. Before we left Antigua we were worried about getting into ports due to Covid, but in the middle of the ocean, you realise that Covid doesn’t exist, that politics doesn’t exist and you just forget about the need to be connected.  You can just unwind and enjoy every moment.”

The Oyster Yachts World Rally fleet is due to arrive into St Helena around January 23rd.  Some of the yachts will choose to stop over at Ascension Island, before heading to Salvador in mainland Brazil or choosing to sail to the archipelago of 21 volcanic islands that make up Fernando de Noronha.

The Oyster Yachts World Rally fleet is due to arrive into St Helena around January 23rd.