Caribbean Compass Publishes Again

Caribbean Compass readers, will be delighted to hear that the magazine has reappeared and that its future looks secure.

Owned, edited and published by Sally Erdle and Tom Hopman from their base in Bequia, the magazine has been billed as the most widely-read boating publication in the Caribbean.

former owners of Caribbean Compass Sally Erdle and Tom Hopman

The first issue was published in March 1995. Profitable ever since, the magazine grew from covering the southern Caribbean to cover the entire Caribbean region, and from 16 to 40 pages or more.  It was supported by a strong and varied advertising base, engaging content and a loyally passionate readership.

It quickly established itself as a lifeline of information throughout the region and we were pleased to write for Sally and Tom in their early days.

Caribbean Compass now prints 5,000 copies monthly in high season in Trinidad, with printed copies despatched throughout the region using firm that took on the job with issue three.  

But in the early part of this year Caribbean Compass until then a monthly magazine that had published 320 issues over 26 years without missing a single one suddenly produced a May June issue and then disappeared altogether.

Fears that it might have ceased permanently however have been swept away now that a December 2022 issue has been published and the silence explained.

Caribbean Compass new owners

After more than two decades heading up the production former owners Tom and Sally have sold the magazine and retired. 

Yachties Dan and Kelly Merton, former residents of St. John, USVI, and tropical wanderlusts, have taken the helm at Caribbean Compass and announced that they will continue the tradition of covering all things sailing and important topics pertaining to the region.

In their first editorial they said, “We’re further eager to add a more robust digital product to better serve all of our fans currently out of reach and we look forward to getting to know our readers and continuing to bring them interest and meaningful stories.”

Dan and kelly Caribbean Compass new owners

They add, “Former owners Tom and Sally may well have decided to sail into the (proverbial) sunset to enjoy retirement, but they will be making occasional guest appearances in coming editions.”

Now as issue 321 hits the news stands under its new owners it remains freely available in both printed and online format

Signing off and planning to tour South America in their campervan, Sally and Tom wished the couple well and prayed that readers would enjoyed fair winds as they continue to enjoy future editions of Caribbean Compass now that its future looks secure.

We have not written for Sally and Tom in some years having moved from sailing the Caribbean in our own yacht into the world of superyachts but who knows? Dan and Kelly may wish to carry superyacht content and if they do, they know where to find us!