They’re off! The Golden Globe Race 2022 Has Started

There Off!  The Golden Globe Race has started

And they’re off!

A loud blast from the horn of a French naval vessel marked the start of the 3rd Golden Globe Race.

The round-the-world race got underway with no incidents or collisions, in clear skies and close-hauled in a 10 knot wind.

Sixteen solo sailors, with an average age of 52½ – are now heading out into the Bay of Biscay in their small but rugged yachts, without the aid of modern (post-1968) materials or equipment.

Ahead of them: 30,000 miles of ocean on a non-stop east-about route that takes them down the Atlantic to the Cape of Good Hope, through the Southern Ocean, past Australia & New Zealand, across the Pacific to Cape Horn and back up the Atlantic to Les Sables d’Olonne.

On the way they are a number of waypoints where they can drop off film, be interviewed, and wave to friends and family as they pass – no physical contact allowed!

First though, they have to round Cape Finistere on the northern tip of Spain, and the weather doesn’t look ready to cooperate.

It may take them a few days before they can begin to stretch their legs but for now we can safely say they’re off and on their way

The competitors are…

The Golden Globe 2022

Jeremy Bagshaw South AfricaOlleanna 59
Ertan BeskardesUKLazy Otter 60
Guy de Boer USASpirit66
Simon Curwen UKClara 62
Arnaud Gaist FrenchPrenom Fei of Shanghai 50
Michael Guggenberger AustriaNuri 44
Damien Guillou FrenchPRB 39
Ian Herbert-Jones UKPuffin 52
Pat LawlessIrelandGreen Rebel 52
Tapio Lehtinen FinlandAsteria64
Kirsten NeuschäferSouth AfricaMinnehaha39
Mark Sinclair AustraliaCoconut63
Elliott Smith USASecond Wind27
Abhilash Tomy Goa,IndiaBayanat43
Guy Waites UKSagarmatha 54
Edward WalentynowiczCanadaNah’s Jest 68
  Average age: 52½ yrs

While they will have only a rough idea of their position and progress, relying on just their compass, log and sextant, they are being tracked continuously by satellite.

So over the next 8/9 months race officials can oversee the race in detail, and the public can watch the drama unfold on the race website