Seasickness Cure on Horizon for Superyacht Guests

Until now the only way sailors believe you could guarantee to stop seasickness was to sit under a tree but nowrevolutionary technology could provides seasickness relief for passengers at sea

After eight years of solid research California based Servo Yachts LLC have announced the introduction of the Martini 7.0, a 50 metre catamaran that claims to have found a way to solve seasickness and significantly improve the sailing experience so that everyone can enjoy traveling on the ocean

Designed in conjunction with Shuttleworth Design, the Martini 7.0 incorporates a unique electric suspension system that connects the yacht’s superstructure to two dynamic hulls.

It has been designed for use on superyachts, but could equally be adapted to work on work boats, ferries, offshore crew transfer tenders, and search and rescue vessels.

The stabilisation technology reacts in real-time to the sea’s movement, keeping the deck in a level position and absorbing the roll, pitch and heave motions induced by the ocean. 

The design also results in less drag than on traditional yachts, resulting in a remarkably efficient vessel that is not only safe and comfortable, but faster in rough conditions.

the technology is said to be much more effective than current marine stabilisation devices that take longer to react to the motion of the sea. The Servo system does so quickly and requires very little power, no warm-up time and no complex vacuum systems to operate.  It has the unique ability to syncronise the motion of the suspended deck with another moving target, including when berthing alongside a larger ship or recovering a smaller vessel at sea.

British based Shuttleworth Design has worked with Servo Yachts on the development of this technology for over eight years, and a variety of solutions have been explored and tested.

The Martini 7.0 is the latest and most advanced design and is the next generation of a series of smaller prototype vessels ranging from 17 ft to 45 ft, that have been developed and tested in San Francisco Bay.

Servo Yachts was founded by David Hall, the somewhat controversial founder of Velodyne Lidar.   It was he who invented the 3D lidar vision system that spawned the development of autonomous vehicles, lidar companies and advanced robotics. 

To see an animation of a smaller high-speed catamaran concept in operation with 5 metres of vertical travel in each hull, Click here

But be warned!  Watching it may bring on a bout of Seasickness