Toilet Cassettes Get Emptied Automatically

It is a curious fact of motorhome life that the task of emptying toilet cassettes falls to the male.  For some reason the job is considered to be, dirty and or smelly and certainly in our own campervan, that is reason enough why the task always falls to Michael.

That may change if the concept we recently encountered at the Concierge Campsite near Chichester catches on.  There the owners have installed an automated system that empty’s the cassette flushes it through and once clean, adds the correct dosage of environmentally acceptable chemicals.

This fully automatic emptying and cleaning station for toilet cassettes is manufactured by Camperclean a company based in Germany who have patented their design and have spent the last seven years installing the devices on campsites throughout Europe.  

Over 325 stations in 15 countries in Europe and have already been responsible for over 1.4 million cleanings.

Campsites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Benelux countries, Italy, France, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Croatia have installed the system and there are 12 of these machines in use in the UK

The award winning system is compatible with many current toilet cassettes, such as Dometic and Thetford and will even service those fitted with SOG fans in the standard fixing points. A system accommodating Porta Potti models is in the planning.

Easy to use, reliable and clean is how the company describes its devices.  Just place the cassettes on the entry point put your money in the cash slot and everything happens automatically after that

The patented station uses only environmentally friendly sanitary additives without chemicals and adjusts the cleaning intensity to the degree of soiling. The idea is attractive to campsite operators not only because it is an extra cash generator but also because it reduces their fresh and processed water costs.

The automatic cassette recognition is also an effective protection against misuse and blocking. 

Given that the low-maintenance device is available in various configurations and can be equipped with an individually selectable payment systems the changes are it could catch on and the male only ritual of queuing for the morning waste disposal sluice unit could become a thing of the past.

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