Project Opus Delivered by Lürssen

Project Opus is now called Nord

Lürssen the yacht’s builders called her Project Opus but her designers think she is something else.

“She is a warship wearing a tuxedo!” That is the description her designer has bestowed upon Nord, a new rather large superyacht that has just been launched.

HMS Daring is just 10 metres longer than Project Opus

At 142 metres overall, she certainly has the dimensions of a warship.  The British Royal Navy’s current class of destroyers are just 10 metres longer!

“Nord was designed with one idea in mind: she must cause strong emotions in every observer, not only through her sheer size, but with the design itself.  No one should be left indifferent,” says Dan Lennard. the man responsible for her stunning exterior and interior design.

A partner in the Italian design studio, Nuvolari-Lenard, he adds “Whether you like the design or not, it must strike you. Nord is a serious ship first and foremost, but she also transcends the traditional language of yacht design.”

Built for the Russian multi billionaire Alexei Mordashov as Project Opus, Nord presents a her striking pose with an angular sub fronted bow design never before seen on a yacht.  The 141.6-metre superyacht left the Lürssen shipyard in February 2021and began her maiden voyage.

Warship or not, there is no denying she is an explorer with the elegance of a gentleman’s yacht. We have entered a new direction in serious yacht design

“At Lürssen, Managing Partner, Peter Lürssen is in agreement.  He says” We believe that to build a yacht it is vital to work as a team, and to execute such a comprehensive project, an excellent team is necessary,”

In this case, the team consisted of the design team from Nuvolari-Lenard, Moran Yacht & Ship who supervised the build on behalf of the Owner, and, of course, the project team from Lürssen. “We are looking forward to Nord finding her place amongst her peers as a remarkable statement in large yacht construction, based on a strong design and expert engineering skills.”

Moran Yacht & Ship brought in their vast spectrum of experience and consolidated knowledge. Moran says: “We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Owner of Nord on the delivery of his new vessel. Additionally, we would like to thank the workers of the Lürssen shipyard, as well as the design and build team on this tremendous accomplishment.”

Acting on behalf of the owner, brokers, Moran Yacht & Ship drew up the marine specification, negotiated the sale, wrote the technical specifications, brought together the design team, and oversaw the entire construction process from inception to completion. 

With a beam of 19.5 metres and a draught of 5.4 metres, Project Opus has a steel hull and aluminium superstructure. This adds up to a gross tonnage of 9250 tons. She is powered by MTU engines giving her a maximum speed of 20 knots and a cruising speed of 15 knots. 

Constructed to PYC standards she can accommodate up to 36 guests in 20 cabins for comfortable and independent worldwide cruising.  Throughout her six decks, she is feature-rich with high-end amenities to delight and cater to every imaginable whim.