Marine Academy Seeks Six Cadets

Cadets looking to train for marine qualifications should seek out the new availability at the Meridian Adventure Academy in Turkey.

Applications are now open for six recruits to join the Meridian Adventure Academy for 2021.

This rigorous training programme is a prestigious opportunity for young talent to attain a complete maritime education and start a career at sea.

Respected as one of the most comprehensive, intensive and dedicated programmes, the Academy teaches those enlisted in the 21-month training schedule a deep respect for the ocean, as well as principles that will guide them through life.

With only six cadets per intake, applicants must be driven, dedicated and passionate about a life on the water.

Designed to equip recruits with the skill-set and tools to excel in a life in the yachting industry and beyond, it combines expansive theory modules and practical hands-on training at sea.

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

The prospective cadets will begin with three months of rigorous introductory and safety training in Siğacik on Turkey’s Aegean Coast. Those who qualify and are selected for continuation will fly to the marine paradise of Raja Ampat, Indonesia to start an 18-month on-board training programme.

Cadets will learn six key skill area during the holistic programme: engineering; galley; sailing, spars and rigging; deck and interior, navigation and guest services.

From mastering plumbing and electrics, maintaining the vessels, to PADI Open Water Diver Certification, safe navigation and impeccable guest hospitality, it is a true one-stop course expecting the highest in efforts and delivering the finest in expertise. More than this, the Academy ensures cadets learn the importance of excellence in their tasks; to take pride in their work; and to respect the chain of command.

Master Unlimited

The best candidates will be contracted with the Meridian Adventure Charter Fleet to operate its yachts in nine different regions around the world. These candidates are mentored and developed into industry leaders, as the company helps them to progress along a career path that sees their formal education peak at Master Unlimited.

The comprehensive programme has been created and remains steered by founder and Meridian Adventure Captain, Sean Galleymore. He comments: “In the current climate it is more important than ever to empower young people, teaching the discipline and skills that enable them to have a life-long career. More than this, successful cadets in the Meridian Adventure Academy will grow as a person, understanding their strengths and their potential. Succeeding here means that you have excelled at one of the toughest and most revered maritime academies in the world.”

Training materials, uniform and accommodation are provided throughout the duration of the programme.

Applications for the 2021 Q1 Intake are due by 31st December 2020. The programme start date is 15th January 2021. To apply online, click here.


CV and Passport required for application. 21+ advisable, English

STCW, ENG1 (Medical), Shengen and Turkish Visa required to confirm the placement