Mark Drewelow Creates Superyacht Support Group

Californian based superyacht agent Captain Mark Drewelow is the Chairman of C2C. He is is a former Chairman of The Association of Yacht Support Services and is perhaps best known for his work creating and operating YachtAid Global

But given the Covid-19 Crisis. and the need for superyacht Captains to get the very latest information based on facts, rather than gossip Mark has created a WhatsApp Group for Captains of yachts around the world in order that they can share information.

He tells us, “I started the group for a few reasons after I had a week of inquiries from around the world.” He added, “The idea is that superyacht captains can post a question to the group and one of them will have an answer or will know where to get an answer.”

Fact share

Mark explains further: “It’s a great way for Captains to share facts about what is going on in their area that are useful to others within the group.”

Captains and others closely involved in the industry all need to feel a sense of unity during these exceptionally challenging times and share resources share. It is our intention is to have this YachtAid Global group remain active for not just this Covid-19 crisis, but for future unifying events and natural disasters.

Join group

To join the group Captains need send a WhatsApp message to +1 619 972 8695 explaining who you are what yacht you represent and where about in the world she is located.

There are days of chat history that you cant see in the group but Adam Tarleton the founder and director of Brazil Yacht Services is capturing the history as we go here .

YachtAid Global ( YAG ) is the nonprofit division of C2C inc. When you do business with C2C you can be proud to say you support YAG!