Top Five Yachting Destinations in Asia Pacific

With the European boat shows now behind us and the traditional season for yachting destinations in the Mediterranean drawing to a close, many of the bigger yachts are starting to make their way over to the warmer climes of the Caribbean.

After a fabulous summer of glitz and glamour on the Côte d’Azur, the pace of life will feel a little slower and more relaxed in the West Indies. The endless array of idyllic tropical islands and anchorages there, surrounded by so many stunning coral reefs, make the perfect backdrop for the joyously laid-back Caribbean hospitality that for decades has been such a warm winter welcome to seasoned yacht owners, their all-important crew and a constant stream of well-pampered charter guests.

Some more adventurous boating enthusiasts, well-travelled sailors and new adventure-seekers, however, will take their nautical experiences to another level by visiting South East Asia – one of the world’s most beautiful and extensive, but practically undiscovered, yachting destinations in-waiting.

As anyone who has sailed in the Asia-Pacific region will no doubt agree, this part of the world has world-class yachting in abundance. The cruising grounds are spectacular, while the cultural experiences and extraordinary bio-diversity make it a sensational discovery. On top of this, the wonderful hospitality here would appeal to everybody.

Where the journey begins is Phuket – home of the Thailand Yacht Show – and the ideal launch pad to discover this beautiful, diverse and seemingly untouched nautical wonderland. From world-class marinas to five-star accommodation, cocktails on the beach to a wide range of marine services, Phuket provides yachting enthusiasts with everything they need both on- and off-shore.

To give you a little taste of what this region has to offer, we have compiled our Top Five Yachting Destinations in this region. Enjoy – and happy sailing!

Andaman Sea

From the Andaman Sea to the Gulf of Thailand, we might be a little biased but for us there is simply no better place to experience life on a yacht than the turquoise waters of the Land of Smiles. Experience the unusual towering karst of Phang Nga Bay – an easy sail off Phuket’s east coast – or discover the countless tropical beaches and bays of the remote Similan Islands and beyond to the virtually untouched Andaman Islands. As well as the picture-perfect scenery, beautiful expanses of calm waters and fabulous culinary experiences, Thailand also boasts some of the region’s most high-tech marinas and is chock-full of services and amenities for those who love life on the sea.


The vast archipelago of Indonesia (over 17,000 islands!) possesses a raw beauty that can only be experienced by exploring its myriad coasts and islands. Alongside the paradise island of Bali, there are many untouched gems just waiting for you to discover, including the diving havens of Raja Ampat and the Anambas Islands or the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park. And, with the recent expansion of multiple ports dotted around the country, Indonesia is now more accessible than ever for intrepid sailors or charter holidays.


If you thought that the Maldives was just for honeymooners, think again. This geological marvel stretches across the Indian Ocean like a thread of radiant pearls and its 1,100 islands offer plenty of secluded diving spots and anchorage. From watching dolphins play in peaceful lagoons to swimming with sharks in technicolour corals, the Maldives is veritably teeming with marine life. And, with more than 20 species of whale found in its waters, the Maldives ranks among the five best spots to watch these gentle giants in the world.


Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago is one of Asia-Pacific’s best kept-secrets. With over 800 islands to to choose from, most of which are uninhabited, this untouched expanse of mangrove forests, tropical jungles, glistening coves and untamed shorelines of pristine beaches offer the perfect secluded yacht vacation. Largely cut off from the world and with minimum phone or Wi-Fi signal, the Mergui Archipelago is the perfect escape from modern-life. However, this destination is so exclusive that visitors will need to arrange a permit before they arrive!

South Pacific

Nowhere else does a destination evoke so many images of remote tropical islands than the South Pacific. Basking in year-round sun, the South Pacific offers a breathtaking collage of colourful coral reefs, palm-fringed beaches and a seemingly never-ending expanse of open ocean. Discover the unspoilt island communities of French Polynesia and enjoy the pristine diving conditions in Tahiti, make a splash in Bora Bora’s famous lagoon or simply island hop your way through the warm, abundant waters of Oceania with humpback whales and dolphins keeping you company.