Sunreef Yachts Tunes into Silence


The owner of an all new electric powered catamaran from Sunreef Yachts talks with us about the endless possibilities of chartering to the sound of silence.

Sunreef Yachts in Poland has launched its largest ever fully-electric Catamaran.  Named E, she is a state-of-the art luxury catamaran belonging to the shipyard’s Eco-Electric series, initiated with the launch of an electric Sunreef 50.  E marks a new chapter in the shipyard’s quest for a more sustainable cruising experience.  With her electric propulsion and smart energy management, E offers a silent, vibration-free cruising experience and a responsible approach towards the environment.

“We had a dream to sail in silence,” says Tomasz Piekarec one of the owners of E. “Our dream was to create a truly natural and innovative sailing experience.  We wanted to harness the power of the sun, sea and wind.  We wanted to create a truly natural and innovative sailing experience. We wanted to embark on unique discoveries without the disturbance of shafts turning or generators running. We wanted to hear nothing but the beautiful oceanic environment surrounding us.”


Tomasz Piekarec was talking with us on board E at the recent Yachting Festival in Cannes where E made her world press debut.  He said, “It may have begun as a dream but now as you can see, we have managed to combine all of that with a sumptuous design and refined touches befitting the highest standard of luxury cruising experiences.  Our entrepreneurial spirit, our fascination with

cutting-edge technology, our dedication to performance, safety and efficiency, our care for the environment and most importantly, our love of sailing has all come together to create E.”

Polish shipyard

“Yes we are Polish businessmen but that is not why we chose a Polish company to build our luxury eco-catamaran.   We always knew it would be the first of its kind and we went all over the world looking for the right yard that could develop this concept for us.  In the end we were surprised to discover the most suitable firm with who we should form a partnership was Sunreef Yachts who were right on our doorstop so to speak.”


Nicolas Lapp the R&D Director at Sunreef Yachts said, “The Owner’s fascination with cutting-edge technology, safety, efficiency and care for the environment – but most importantly the love of sailing, combine to create the Sunreef 60 “E” concept.  To make this vision a reality he asked us as a leading custom catamaran manufacturer to build his dream.  The Sunreef 60 E was carefully crafted to the finest details, offering responsible boating, abundant in comfort, elegance and dependable performance.  “Eco-Electric innovations bring more comfort on board.  Peaceful cruising without noise, vibration and fumes.  At the moment our team is working on a new green feature, that will take our Eco-Electric range to an even higher level.”

photos: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito client: Sunreef Yachts

“We plan to make our new yacht available for charter,” explains Piekarec.  “We want guests to enjoy the sun’s warmth on their faces.  We want guests to discover a world of sailing in silence.  There should no sound apart from the waves gently lap lap-lapping as your catamaran glides towards the next dream bay.  Then when they get there and the sails are furled and the anchor is secure we want them to swim in turquoise waters that are flat, smooth, gleaming and mirror-like.

Exploration, Excitement, and Electricity

We called our new yacht E because we wanted the E to stand for exploration, excitement, and electricity.  We want our guests to embark on their first voyage where they can truly enjoy and immerse themselves in their natural surroundings.  offers an exclusive luxury sailing experience that runs entirely on electricity. Responsible boating that is abundant in comfort, elegance and dependable performance.  The reality of paradisiacal journeys where nothing will disturb you or your environment. Only pristine waters, lungs full of fresh air, surrounded by peaceful stillness, and of course complete utter silence.

The Sunreef Yachts 60 E features a revolutionary all-carbon fibre bimini with in-built curved solar panels generating 4.5 kW.  Carbon fibre is also used for the mast and boom.  Powered from a 134 kWh lithium battery bank, the catamaran’s twin 55 kW electric engines with steerable pods provide for up to 6 hours of motoring in complete silence.  The 600Ah house batteries allow to operate all the appliances on board for over 24 hours and power all-night air-conditioning.  Under engine power alone she has a cruising speed of 7 knots and a cruising time on batteries of 6 hours.  Cruising range when combining battery power with her 130 kW Volvo Penta backup diesel generator and she can achieve up to 1000 nautical miles.  Under sail she can achieve between 10 and q2 knots and her cruising range in this mode is, of course, unlimited.

photos: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito client: Sunreef Yachts

Eco-Electric yachts are a response to an increasing demand for green solutions. These trend-setting environmentally friendly crafts incorporate weight-efficient and sustainable materials: reclaimed teak for the floors, compressed paper for countertops, titanium for railings as well as textile rigging and recyclable sails.  With electric propulsion and smart energy management systems, these yachts offer a silent, vibration-free cruising experience and a responsible approach towards nature.

Ease, Elegance and Exclusive Experience

E also stands for ease, elegance and exclusive experiences.  Tomasz says, “We are going welcome guests onto the expansive aft-deck and indulge their senses over sunset with an aged single-malt sipped from a hand-cut Moser crystal glass.  Relax into our Tribü and Dedon designer furniture as we treat them to some of our culinary creations: a bespoke menu specially designed for their own specific tastes, complete with Raynaud fine porcelain, Ensö pure titanium cutlery and Stölzle Lausitz glassware.”

photos: Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski / Fotomohito client: Sunreef Yachts

He adds, “We want our guests to tread through the spacious interiors, opulent and sleek in handcrafted and couture detailing: sustainable teak flooring, Carrara marbles, Missoni fabrics all complimented by a stylish and soothing palate of black metalic grey tones.  After a full day of heavenly exploring, we want guests to relish in a Lalique-fragrant bath and sink into our natural fibre duvets covered in lush Egyptian cottons for a refreshing night.  There should be no compromises, no details left untouched our new yacht is intended to be the place to spoil yourself.”

Entrepreneurial, Environmental, And Exhilarating

Reset your expectations with one of the world’s most unique high-powered electric propulsion System luxury catamarans because E also stands for entrepreneurial, environmental, and exhilarating.  She is an evolution in nautical engineering.  E promises sustainable performance sailing, in safety, efficiency, and ultimate comfort. This is the magic and excitement of state-of-the-art sailing: the freedom of the sea, the enjoyment of clean air and peaceful nature, the security and dependable power for unique experiences without ever leaving a trace all of the time.  “We are going to stick by our green credentials in every way possible,” says Tomasz. “For example, no plastic bottles are allowed on board, with all of our fresh water being supplied straight from a state-of-the-art watermaker.”  We’re excited to share our dream with our guests.