Heading Home

Château de Chailly

The Monaco Yacht Show is over and we have to head home

Driving down to Monaco in our borrowed Tesla Model X was delightful. Beautiful chateaux, stunning meals and relaxed rural roads. Driving back is not going to be quite so laid back.

Ahead of us lays 12 hours of driving to Calais with the need to schedule in rest breaks and meal stops. Combine those with the need to charge the car’s batteries to ensure our all electric road trip runs smoothly and you have a logistics conundrum.

Onboard computer

Fortunately the car’s onboard computer takes car of most of that. Alle we have to do is plug in our destination and the car not only plans the route but maps out the stops at the same time.

All we have to do is drive! Well no. That is because the autopilot on the Tesla Model X is so sophisticated that it even does that as well. Double click on the lever and keep your hands on the wheel and off you go! Wonderful.

Our overnight stop is almost half way. Château de Chailly is a classified monument dating from the 16th century. It was converted into a four-star golf resort about thirty years ago by its current owners with 45 bedrooms and suites, 2 restaurants, Vinésime & Charme d’Orient Spa and an 18-hole golf course.

Hôtel Golf Château de Chailly is ideal for an overnight stay or for those seeking a longer getaway to explore Burgundy, golf vacation. Given the hotels various salons it is also well suited for company meetings, family gatherings, group events and even weddings!

Restaurant L’Armançon

The gourmet restaurant, Restaurant L’Armançon, offers a gourmet dining experience with some of the best Burgundy wines. The Bistrot Le Rubillon, is the ideal place to enjoy simple and traditional Burgundy cuisine for both lunch and dinner including its popular Sunday brunch.

The Vinésime & Charme d’Orient Spa offers many various massages and treatments where guests can really spoil themselves. Hotel clients have complimentary access to the jacuzzi, sauna, steam-room and fitness studio including an outdoor heated swimming pool which is open from May through October, with views of the golf course.

Located in the heart of Burgundy it is close to Dijon, Beaune and many other points of interest. For us it proved ideal given that it was just minutes from the A6 and A38 motorways we took the exit at Pouilly-en-Auxois and arrived in time to enjoy dinner.

Auberge des Moissons

Back on the road early next morning we program in a stop at Auberge des Moissons in Matougues. Close by the motorway it is one of the official Tesla supercharging points in Champagne. The Auberge is a cosy, 3-star set-up. It is full of charm and the rooms are spacious and modern, and the owner is a Tesla fan and of course he owns a Tesla himself!

Close by the motorway it is one of the official Tesla supercharging points in Champagne

Not only is the Auberge roughly half way between Dijon and Calais it is a great place to stop to recharge the car and the on board crew. Get your timing right and you can arrive just in time to spoil yourself with a delightful well cooked meal from an incredibly well priced menu.