Marine Industry Salary Survey

Marine Salary Survey

Marine Resources the recruitment consultancy, has partnered with British Marine and Maritime UK to launch the first ever national salary survey for the marine industry.

The aim is to gain a comprehensive insight into the salaries currently commanded by professionals across the sector, as well as support businesses by highlighting common challenges and key trends.

It is hoped that the research will independently confirm salary tables commercially published elsewhere.

Through an online questionnaire, the Marine Industry Salary Survey 2019 is appealing to both employees and employers to share information on remuneration and recruitment practices.


The analysed data will be published through the survey’s partners and the media, and all participating employers will receive a report detailing the survey’s complete findings.

The results will highlight current market rates for specific roles, the positions that present the most significant recruitment challenge, and help ensure fair salaries for staff.

It is also expected to be particularly beneficial for organisations looking to fill entry and mid-level roles, where little marine-specific salary data is currently available.

Yacht Crew Salary

As well as gathering information on salaries, the employee survey poses questions relating to market sector and region, the nature of employment (whether the role is permanent or on a contract basis), and levels of satisfaction with employment packages.

Transferred skills

The research also explores whether those working in the industry have transferred skills from other industries or if they would consider working in another, unrelated sector.

For employers, the survey asks about remuneration for specific roles, recently and commonly recruited positions, and the functions they find challenging to resource and reasons why. 

The survey can be completed anonymously, and anyone wishing to take part can use this link to add their information and support the initiative.

All employees that finish the survey will also have the chance to win £100 in Amazon vouchers.