Henry Euler Memorial Trust & Symposium on Alderney 5-6th September

Henry Euler Memorial Trust & Symposium on Alderney 5-6th September

The Henry Euler Memorial Trust will host an Exhibition and Symposium on Alderney this coming September.

As the northernmost of the British Channel Islands, and the closest to France, the island of Alderney has played an important strategic role in the history of Anglo-French relations.

To celebrate and investigate further the role the island has played The Henry Euler Memorial Trust (THEMT) will be hosting host its first international Symposium and exhibition this September 5th and 6th on the island. 

The Trust’s objectives are toensure the preservation, protection, development and improvement of the maritime heritage of Alderney, including features of historical and archaeological interest. They aim to inform, develop and maintain the interest in the maritime heritage of Alderneyamongthe inhabitants of Alderney and the wider world.

National strategies

The Islands have shaped national strategies in war and peace for two hundred years, while maritime strategy has shaped the Islands in equal measure, leaving indelible marks in the form of forts, harbours and gun positions. Contributions to the Symposium, which will cover a range of topics, from corsairs and privateering to trade war,aim to complement existing scholarship, which has tended to treat the Channel Islands as a place apart.

The Symposium will highlight and celebrate Alderney’s rich maritime heritage and history, with a particular focus on Anglo-French relations from the end of the 17thcentury to the end of the First World War.

There will be a full programme of lectures,presentations by leading British and French historians.

Jurat Colin Partridge O.B.E, a trustee of THEMT, said: “It is important to draw attention to Alderney’s maritime heritage as it touches on every facet of island life –it is not just about geopolitics, navies and ships. It offers a great medium through which to attract the interest of our nearest neighbours on both sides of the Channel.”

Henry Euler Memorial Trust

The trust was launched in 2006 by Mary Euler, in her husband’s memory. Henry Euler served as a Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve Torpedo Officer in the fleet aircraft carrier HMS Illustriousfrom the date of her commission and trials in 1939, until March 1941. He subsequently served on the light cruiser HMS Dido, followed by a short period at the Belfast Trawler Base before being reappointed to HMS Vernon for the duration of the Second World War. As a married couple, and both keen sailors, Henry and Mary became regular visitors to Alderney in their 7-ton yacht Bonnyrigg II. They later became members of the Royal Thames Yacht Club.

Henry Euler died in 1971, after which Mary retained a great enthusiasm for all things naval and nautical in connection with Alderney, taking great pride in the annual presentation of the Henry Euler Cup at the Alderney Sailing Club, and later setting up The Henry Euler Memorial Trust. Mary died in 2006. She has made a lasting contribution to the understanding and interpretation of Alderney’s maritime heritage.

THEMT are working with King’s College London, L’institut de Recherches Historiques du Septentrion (Lille) and La Service Historique de la Defence (Paris), and with the support of Le Pole Espaces Maritimes (Caen) and Le GIS d’Histoire & Science de la Mer.