Cotton Crews Reveal Industry Stats

Cotton Crews, the fast-growing South Florida yacht recruitment agency, is celebrating 5,000 downloads of its Cotton Crew Hire app the fast-growing South Florida yacht recruitment agency is releasing industry stats collected since its launch

The app joined the Apple and Android platforms in September 2018 and has become the go-to recruitment platform for Captains and Owners who demand faster and better hiring, with over 5,000 crew and hiring managers now using the app and well over 1,000 CVs downloaded since its beginning.

Data from Cotton Crews suggests private yacht roles are dominant in the industry, with a total of 650 private jobs advertised on the app and 400 charter yacht jobs that’s a 62% to 38% split.

Cotton Crew App from the Apple App Store

The number of motor yacht positions vastly outweigh sailing yacht jobs at 86% to 14%, with 900 motor yacht crew roles advertised on the app compared to 150 sailing positions. This high prominence of motor yacht jobs is reflected in the global yacht market.

Cotton Crew Hire app

Combining the speed and flexibility of social media crew sourcing with the accountability and quality of agency vetting, the Cotton Crew Hire app brings the industry’s most up-to-date database of crew to Captains’ smartphones.

As Captains demand faster recruitment, many are moving from traditional methods to hiring through Facebook, but this is not always a reliable way of sourcing quality crew. The Cotton Crew Hire app helps yacht hiring managers find excellent crew quicker, whether they are hiring for motor, sail, temporary or permanent positions. It allows Captains to search for crew by location, download CVs direct to their phones and instantly review complete crew profiles, including recommendations from past employers.


Founder and President of Cotton Crews Lauren Cotton  started Cotton Crews with the aim of making high-quality crew recruitment quicker and easier for everyone involved in the industry.

Founder and President of Cotton Crews Lauren Cotton  started Cotton Crews with the aim of making high-quality crew recruitment quicker and easier

It allows anyone in charge of yacht recruitment to search for crew themselves, out of the usual restrictive office hours, filtering by position, experience, nationality and skills and downloading CVs in an instant.

She said, “It’s been so interesting to pull out these stats and see where the industry trends are heading, and with more hiring managers joining the app every day, we are excited to see how this data develops. Less than a year into our app launch, we couldn’t be more proud of the industry response.”