Cap Gin Captures Superyacht ‘Esprit de la Cöte

Cap Gin
Created by superyacht savvy investors

Cap Gin is a new premium spirit from the Cöte d’Azur. It’s been created from botanicals synonymous with this iconic superyacht destination. This ‘esprit de la cöte has been inspired by the heritage of the French Riviera cruising ground from Monaco to Saint Tropez.

Cap Gin blends nine specially selected herbs, fruits and spices. Each combine together to create a flavour that reflects the style and elegance of the Cöte d’Azur.

Sitting on the beach on a warm summer’s evening it all started with a conversation between Andrew Adam and James three friends. They all live in the South of France.

Each superyacht savvy, with James working as a sales broker, their idea, was to create a gin worthy of the extraordinary Cap d’Antibes they call home.

The final product is the result of more than a year of research, planning, tasting and collaborating.


Cap Gin combines nine specially selected herbs, fruits and spices that combine to create a flavour that they feel reflects the style and elegance of the Cöte d’Azur.

A traditional foundation of Juniper and Coriander has been overlaid with scents and flavours synonymous with the region. Rose, Mimosa and Fleur d’Orange play in perfect harmony to deliver an elegantly balanced and smooth taste.


Working closely with Dr. David Clutton, who is also known as Doctor Gin, the three set out to create a gin that encapsulated the spirit of the Cap. They used ingredients synonymous with the region.

Cap Gin is a classic London Dry gin, created using the traditional still based re-distillation technique.  

The liquid is then transferred to the stills, heated and condensed for perfectly balanced flavours and aromas, for a highly-sophisticated gin.

After months of refining, perfecting and tasting the final recipe for they announced that they were delighted with the result.  It is they say. “The perfect balance of herbs, spices and fruit flavours combined in just nine botanicals.”

Available through VSF

Claire Mottershaw at Vins San Frontiers part of the VSF Group seems to have a plentiful supply and can deliver to yachts by the bottle or case