Kawe and Other Islands in Raja Ampat

Crew raising the sails aboard Prana by Atzaro

Back on board Prana by Atzaro we set sail for Kawe an uninhabited island to the south of Wayjag.  Here we encountered that truly once in a lifetime opportunity for visitors from Europe, a chance to swim across the equator.   Some of us did so while diving while others snorkelled each group were rewarded by becoming surrounded by magnificent Giant Manta Rays.

Prana by Atzaro under sail off Waigeo Island

From Kawe to Wofoh is a short sail and we manage to get the laundry up!  The sails do not add much to our overall speed but they make the yacht look very sedate

Prana by Atzaro under sail off Waigeo Island

It’s not long before the camera folk have taken to the tenders and are encircling the yacht to catch her with her sails full of tropical breeze.

Returning to Prana by Atzaro, we indulge ourselves with an informal lunch served on deck. Our ever attentive crew know us so well, they have our favourite drinks prepared.

Lunch aboard Prana by Atzaro

A Classical Robinson Crusoe Island

Wofoh fits everyone’s idea of the classical Robinson Crusoe tropical island.  Palm trees fringe the white sand beach with gentle waves cleaning away the footprints as they are made. The water’s edge is surrounded by ancient mangrove trees. These are unusual as the water here is not murky at all revealing a vast underwater system of gnarled roots and aquatic life.

Sunbathing setup on a sandy beach on Wofoh Island

Our crew have been ashore before us setting up day beds and sun umbrellas on the sand. What’s more, they have taken ashore a cooler load of chilled Bintang. This local beer was made famous the world over by the surfing community.  

Footprints in the sand on Wofoh island

Being just outside the National Park means that on Wofoh the use of motorised watersport equipment is once again possible. We set off in the tender to explore the beautiful location with its small islets, bays and crystal-clear lagoons. What’s more this is definitely the perfect place for kayaking and paddle boarding.  

Duncan and Penny kayaking off Wofoh Island

Snorkelling, diving and watersports fill the rest of our afternoon.  The diving here is unbelievable with endless coral gardens and a very high species count.  Hawksbill turtles, crocodile fish, barramundi cod and juvenile cuttlefish swim in and out of hard and soft corals.  Sadly none of us spotted pygmy seahorses or the rare endemic walking shark reputed to live here.

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