Cruising Raja Ampat the Adventure Begins

Crew greeting dinghy on arrival at Prana by Atzaro
Crew greeting dinghy on arrival at Prana by Atzaro

Our cruising adventure on board the superyacht; Prana by Atzaro began in tropical Sorong, Papua. We exited the airport and were warmly welcomed by the ship’s crew. It was just a short drive to the bustling port of Sorong where we boarded Prana by Atzaro.  More smiling faces, cool oshibori and refreshingly iced, welcome on board, mocktails.

Sailing towards Mioskon Island aboard Prana

Leaving Sorong we set sail towards Mioskon. It is a voyage across calm seas under cloudy blue skies and a hot tropical sun.

Cedric Lesencechal our French cruise director aboard Prana by Atzaro

As we sail, Cedric Lesencechal our on-board cruise director, teases us and our fellow guests describing the delights that await us in Raja Ampat. Here, he says, are some of the best dive sites on earth. We are excited at the prospect and eagerly look forward to our week of voyaging through these islands.

Easy the stress of flying on the first day aboard Prana by Atzaro

As we travel we are soon completely relaxed. Who wouldn’t be with an expert massage on deck, cooled by the gentle sea breeze? The long flight from Europe was forgotten as we embraced the freedom of the ocean and enjoyed being waited on by discreet, well trained crew.

Dinner was under the stars on deck sampling the delights of the on board fine dining menu. We retired to our wonderfully comfortable bed ready for a new adventure in the morning.

To be continued

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