Reconstruction of Danah Voyager

Danah Voyager

Photo credit Dorie Cox

Reconstruction of redundant offshore oil industry tonnage turning them into in to luxury superyachts is not a new phenomena but recent photographs taken by Dorie Cox the editor of Triton indicate the trend might have hit a new, all time high.

Slab sided and looking far more commodious than her official 1,194 gross tonnage figure might suggest, the former Hos Trader is looking somewhat different now that she is nearing completion

Hos Trader was built by Swiftships in the USA as Candy Trader in 1997 and sailed under that name until 2003 when she was sold and became known as Hos Trader.

From then until midway through 2015 little is known of her trading pattern or even when she was decommissioned.  What we do know is, that she was purchased and lengthened to the instructions of her new owner.  At some point she was renamed Danah Voyager but many believe that this is being used simply as a project name while the vessel is under reconstruction in Dania Cut Florida.

The reconstructionwork is being supervised by Kirilloff & Associates who describe themselves as naval architects specialist in: yacht design, marine design/consulting, and project management.  Their project management experience includes: Yacht Escort Ships, Shadow Boats, Sportfishing “Mother Ships”, Yachts, Passenger Vessels, Casino Vessels, Cruise Ships, and various other specialised commercial and military craft.

It was they who where involved in the reconstruction of shadow yachts using redundant oil supply vessels creating the likes of Suri,Global (ex Allure Shadow), Peaceful Fish and Mystere Shadow none of which are known for their fine looks or seamanlike beauty.

Conversion work on Danah Voyagerbegan at the Gulf Islands Shipyards in Houma, Louisiana in January 2015.  It was during this stage, she given a 12.12 metre mid-body extension to create her new overall length of 91.4 metres. 

The vessel was subsequently moved to Florida and has been hidden away from view within the Dania Cut while finishing work is being completed.

During this second stage of reconstruction, a bathing platform has been added along with a helipad.

Rafael Ochoa has been named as the yachts designer but little can be found on line with regard to his qualifications or past achievements.