Superyacht Radio Launches SuperYacht Talks

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Superyacht Radio Launches SuperYacht Talks

SuperYacht Talks is a new platform of broadcasting seminars & talks to the global industry.

SuperYacht Radio, the only super yacht industry focused radio station, has just launched a new service called SuperYacht Talks.

Founded, by Dave and Maeve Dempsey, and broadcasted around the world on the internet, the 24 hours a day super yacht industry dedicated radio station has quickly grown a faithful audience worldwide.

The various regular shows such as the Overboard show with Dave and Coz, Drop the Anchor with Chris Marsden, Around the World with Michael Howorth, Techie Talks with Pippa Nicholas and coming soon, Between two Yetis with Lee Savage.

Content is mixed with a continuous stream of feel good contemporary music whatever the time zone. With International news on the hour and interviews with professionals throughout the industry, they have gained an average listenership of 41,500 per month, a growing reach through social media, and have established a new medium of communication in the superyacht industry

The new SuperYacht Talks platform enables companies or individuals to broadcast live their seminars and talks from any location, even from the comfort of your office desk, to a much wider audience. All the host needs are a computer with a connection to the PA or Microphone plus an internet connection for broadcast and a small App provided by SuperYacht Talks.

This service was born from the many requests by companies and associations seeking to deliver their conferences, seminars, and talks, to a wider global audience.  There are also other uses of this service, such as companies wishing to provide tutorials or specialised training updates that need audio explanations.

SuperYacht Talks offers three different levels of service, depending on the requirements of the host;

Open Stream – open, accessible and free to all listeners. For when information is not confined to a select group.

Secure Stream – accessible only to members of associations or groups, that have been invited to listen. For example, clients, association members or only Captains. The stream will be password encoded.

Subscription Based – A secure service for paid events and seminars, allowing the host to reach a wider audience whilst collecting revenue from their audience who wish to listen.

SuperYacht Talks offers both remote and on-site technical support during all talks and can record each broadcast for publication and distribution at a later stage. Through SuperYacht Radio all events can be promoted and marketed in advance so as to help maximise awareness and increase the audience.