Wealth Report Analyses Superyacht Numbers

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Wealth Report Analyses Superyacht Numbers

This years Wealth Report has been published by Knight Frank, one of the world’s biggest private wealth investment managers.

Highlighting the latest research into global wealth trends and flows, The Wealth Report explores the world’s wealthiest regions, the best performing cities for Ultra-High-Net-Worth investors, and the fluctuations of the world’s luxury residential property markets.

A part of this their 12th annual wealth report has dedicated to super-yacht ownership breaking it down by nationality and size.

Setting the category threshold at 40 metres and above using data from SuperYacht iQ, the wealth report notes there are currently 4,795 leisure craft that can be described as super-yachts in the world

Of that number 765 are sailing yachts and 158 of those are currently listed for sale through yacht brokers.  When it comes to motor yachts for sale that number jumps to 773.

Broken down into nationalities the USA tops the list with 407 in in terms of absolute ownership numbers. Russia follows with 168 and Greece comes in third with 107.  Fourth place is occupied by the UK with 96 super-yachts and Saudi Arabia with 54, resides in the number 5 slot.  Saudi Arabia might have less than other nations but when it comes to length overall, the average length in their fleet is 68 metres

The average Russian-owned super-yacht is 59 meters in length.  The Americans have an average length of 52 while the average Greek-owned super-yacht is 50 metres in length,

Many of these super-yachts, particularly those owned by Greeks and Saudis, spend their summer season sailing in Greek waters  Data gathered by Bloomsberg using AIS, shows these are the fourth busiest when it comes to superyacht traffic, behind the waters of the USA, France, Italy and Spain.

Bloomberg, found that over a random period during the summer season there were at least 100 super-yachts of an average length of 51.7 meters at a distance of two miles from the coast of Greece, compared with 200 in Italy, 147 in France and 143 in the United States.

Spain came in a close fifth, with Croatia and Monaco where lagging behind in sixth and seventh place.