Water Revolution Foundation Launched


Water Revolution Foundation

The state of the world’s oceans is of vital concern to all those who use it. Now the Superyacht industry is planning to take action hoping to guide change and lead the sector towards a more sustainable future by improving the health of oceans around the world that are so vital to the planet’s wellbeing.

A newly launched; for-and-by-the-industry platform to be called the Water Revolution Foundation has announced it will work towards jointly neutralising its ecological footprint, optimising the use of resources and taking responsibility to look after the world’s precious oceans, the most crucial component of yachting.

The industry is in a strategic position to drive change and transform the maritime sector via computational sustainability, innovative technology and ocean conservation efforts.

By entering into this new era, Water Revolution Foundation intends to build on innovations driven by visionary superyacht owners.

In a press release, light on details, the foundation claims to be setting its own strategic industry agenda, going beyond initiatives from international and national regulatory bodies.

Suggesting that each new superyacht is a platform for innovation, experimenting with cutting edge technology and integrating various systems the foundation is advocating that each new delivery has the potential to surpass the state-of-the-art of the previous delivery and push the boundaries.

The Foundation aims to provide direction to the industry and will take the role of facilitator of sustainability by sharing information and best practices. It believes that measuring impact will lead to more conscious choices of materials and consideration of new technology.

The Water Revolution Foundation urges both industry and individuals to take action. Through its scientific committee, it claims to help companies and individuals choose relevant ocean conservation projects that are worthy of investment.

It plans to publish regular newsletters detailing developments and ways those inside the superyacht industry can get involved Subscribe at www.waterrevolutionfoundation.org