Gin Rocks at Kata Rocks


On the Rocks

Not content with just hosting the Kata Rocks Superyacht Rendezvous the Infinite Luxury resort has recently released its own brand of gin – the spirit of Kata Rocks!

Known for hosting glamorous events, stylish parties and welcoming a sophisticated crowd all year long; trend-setting resort recently launched its distinctive limited-edition brand of locally distilled gin during the Superyacht Rendezvous. ‘The Spirit of Kata Rocks’, is a hand-crafted ultra-small batch gin, designed to appeal to both lifetime gin connoisseurs and a new generation of gin enthusiasts which has grown rapidly in recent years.

Only the highest quality ingredients are used in the development and production of the gin.

It is hand-crafted in ultra-small batches, distilled to produce unusual and unique flavours. It all starts with a healthy infusion of Peruvian juniper berries and Angelica wild ginseng that is then finished with a bold flourish of local Thai herbs and exceptional Asian spices.”

Other key ingredients include fresh lemon grass, fresh lemon peel, coriander seed, fresh bergamot leaf, Sichuan pepper, fresh green pepper, green cardamom, white mugwort, fresh pomelo peel, Thai basil and high mountain oolong tea among others.

The recipe and complex distillation process remains a secret known to only a select few. However, it clearly proved to be an audacious choice to select such a unique, rare and eclectic combination of ultra-fresh ingredients to produce a full-flavoured gin that is poised to become an instant classic for true aficionados.

Shaken, stirred, sipped or savoured it is best experienced in a Kata Rocks’ custom cocktail made by the resort’s professional team of mixologists. Especially as the sun slips into the Andaman sea at The Oceanfront Bar and Restaurant.

These fantastic hand-crafted drinks are best enjoyed at the resort’s Oceanfront Bar, served at sunset by one of its friendly bartenders, together with Kata Rocks’ nightly offering of complimentary gourmet tapas and live music.