Sea Going Laboratory


Sea Going Laboratory

Working together, One Ocean Expeditions (OOE) the expedition cruise specialist, and Ocean Wise the global conservation organisation have created and installed the first creation custom-built OOE scientific container laboratory.

It was installed on board RCGS Resolute during her re-commissioning ceremony in Sydney, Nova Scotia an event which we happily participated in.

The ‘One Lab’ is a specialised laboratory created from a standardised 20 foot shipping container and further units will be installed on each of OOE’s ships.

The custom-tailored laboratory is the latest initiative for OOE, which is committed to operating and supporting on going, nationally accredited science and outreach programs.

The innovative container lab is equipped with all essential equipment, providing an inclusive space for scientists to conduct their work in the isolated coastal areas explored.

Analysis of data captured will provide crucial information and allow the researchers to develop measures to protect fragile ecosystems and natural habitats worldwide.

While on board, researchers also engage with expedition guests, explaining the purpose of their studies and creating ambassadors for the sensitive and remote regions which the vessels journey to. In essence, it provides guests with a deeper understanding of the importance and impact such scientific research has on our oceans.

Following the initial installation of the ‘One Lab’ on board RCGS Resolute, two more specialised container workrooms are set to be installed onto the company’s other two ships, Akademik Ioffe and Akademik Sergey Vavilov.

OOE operates innovative voyages to the most remote and pristine areas in the world, from the High Arctic to Antarctica, and Central America to the Northern Atlantic Islands. Guests have the opportunity to travel alongside scientists and be educated on progressive research initiatives — an important part of the One Ocean Expeditions experience and the company’s commitment to ocean health.

“We have been working diligently over the last decade to expand opportunities for nationally recognised research on board,” says Catherine Lawton, OOE’s General Manager. “We take great pride in our team of professionals and the container science lab offers us the ideal platform to deliver both an exceptional client experience as well as opportunities for scientists to collect critical data.”

Ocean Wise is a not-for-profit organisation whose vision is a world in which oceans are healthy and flourishing.  Speaking for the organisation, Dr. Peter Ross, Vice-President of Research said,“Traditionally, we gather samples in the field and take them back to the lab for analysis later. Having the lab on board the ship will allow us to collect high-quality samples in remote environments, analyse samples at sea and produce data in real time.”