Red Sea Collection 

Red Sea collection

Red Sea Collection 

There will I am sure be others like me who wondered who or what the Red Sea Collection is or was.

My interest was piqued upon landing at Nice Airport the day before the start of the Monaco Yacht Show. There as you left the arrivals hall were two pretty girls dressed alike in white coloured Red Sea Collection uniforms.  They sat at white coloured desks in an area that displayed nothing else other than the name Red Sea Collection.  Needless to say none approached the girls and had they not had each other for company they would have been very bored indeed.

At the show there was an even bigger stand decked out with white furniture and nothing else except the prominent display of the wording Red Sea Collection 

Each time I passed the stand I looked to see if it had any visitors and each time I looked to see if I could learn what the stand was there for.  Clearly some one somewhere was putting a lot of effort and marketing bunce into an effort that was going astray.

So I did some research and it turns out that the Red Sea Collection is a proposed grouping of luxury destination resorts developed by the public investment fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia eager to unveil its future offerings in the world’s last undiscovered paradise – the Red Sea.

Subsequently because a PR office sent me a press release I have learned that the Saudi Minister of Culture, and Prince Albert of Monaco used the stand to sign a Framework Agreement to seal an agreement of shared interests and objectives regarding sustainable development and conservation. 

The Framework Agreement formally acknowledges the shared aims of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and The Red Sea Collection, in relation to sustainable development and marine conservation.

The agreement will pave the way for an exchange of information and expertise to help safeguard marine biodiversity and protect coral reefs, as well as combat the growing problem of plastic pollution.

The north-western coast of Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s last truly untouched locations, both at sea and on land. It will soon feature a trio of exceptional destinations: Red Sea, NEOM and Amaala; created in total harmony with the region’s pristine coral reefs, vibrant marine life and beautiful mountain landscapes.

Combining unmatched luxury with superlative levels of service, the collection offers a blueprint for next-generation sustainable living and leisure on an unprecedented scale.

A constellation of resort experiences encompassing islands, beaches, deserts and mountains along the western coast, The Red Sea Collection will offer ultimate experiences including yachting, an arts and culture hub and a comprehensive wellness community.

The strange thing is that despite sponsoring the Monaco Yacht Show the Red Sea Collection is not aimed at Western visitors but is more inclined towards hosting the people from the Middle East