Halifax a Superyacht Haven



Halifax a Superyacht Haven

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has a coastline some 13,300 kilometres long and as we found out while driving to Cape Breton from Halifax most of it is pristine and easily accessible to Superyachts. 

The character of the landscape changes dramatically from end to end.

Each area seems to have its own magic, its own experiences, its own allure.

But no matter what parts of the province you explore, you’ll experience the exact same sense of wonder.

The Italian explorer John Cabot first spotted this part of the world in 1497, after 52 days at sea,

He and his crew came ashore to replenish their fresh water and food stocks but according to historians did not stay long

If he arrived today, he would have a much harder time leaving.


From the bustling modern port city of Halifax, to the living museums of fishing villages that dot the coastline, today’s superyacht Captains will find an experience as diverse as it is unique.

Golf courses peer magnificently over the edge of the ocean, award-winning wines are the product of a terroir that has been kissed by the sea and unlike anywhere else and seafood served at bistros, pubs, and waterfront huts on the dock is on offer everywhere you travel.

Superyachts can moor downtown in historic port city on what is called the Halifax Waterfront.  They become part of the waterfront attraction and the area is alive with activity

There is so much to do here and our stay was all too short Start at the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21, the gateway into Canada for one million immigrants, Don’t forget to visit the maritime museum where the two must see exhibits include the Titanic section and the other explains what happened to Halifax in 1917 when the freighter Imo collided with the ammunition ship Mont Blanc.  The resulting detonation was the biggest man made explosion ever, save for the atomic bomb.

Outside museums explore eclectic shops and galleries and some of the city’s best restaurants close by the Halifax waterfront boardwalk.  If you are lucky enough to be there on Saturday then be sure to visit the Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market – the oldest continuously running farmers’ market in North America.

Superyacht agent Captain Les Savage of Premier Marine Services makes things easy with customs clearance fuel deliveries and home spun advice on what to do and see while Nik Karbowski is the Marina Manager at Develop Nova Scotia and he is the best contact to have when it comes to arranging dockage in ports up and down the coast