Meet Union at Monaco Yacht Show


Nautilus International, the only trade union and professional association operating globally for superyacht crewwill have representatives attending this year’s Monaco Yacht Show, from Wednesday 26th to Friday 28th September 2018.

Danny McGowan the Union’s Strategic Organiser will be based within the ACREW Lounge at La Rascasse, to speak with members and new joiners about the benefits of Union membership, including our industry-leading sea service verification process.

He will also be able to issue Nautilus Service Record Books ‘on the spot’ to those who join the union. To receive the SRB at the show they will need to bring with them a passport sized photograph and original or attested identification (such as a passport, driving licence or discharge book).

Superyacht Crew seeking to meet the Nautilus team and to gain access to the ACREW lounge, should register online at

Crew who would prefer Nautilus to visit the vessel van book an appointment by e mail using:  

Since the Union has helped so many yacht crew over the last year the number of new members is rising rapidly but McGowan says, “Often someone’s only reason for not becoming a member is that nobody has asked them. “

The union is beginning to see approaches from companies within the industry seeking to work with Nautilus in order to improve standards for all yacht crew. 

However, McGowan says, “The most effective way for us to create change together is by individuals joining us. As the only trade union and professional association operating globally for superyacht crew, our benefits and protections are unrivalled by any other organisation, and those individuals who are not yet members of the Union must know that they need to become a Nautilus member in advance of encountering an issue to be covered by those benefits.