Divergent Yachting Launches Superyacht Management Company

Divergent Yachting

Derek Munro, the Owners Representative of the newly built sailing yacht Black Pearl has set up a bespoke management company to provide clients and their crew a more individual service.

His new company, Divergent Yachting, has the ethos of ‘Less boats managed per head of staff giving a much more personal and improved service.”

Divergent Yachting seeks new clients through ‘word of mouth recommendations’ from current clients. “As a bespoke company, we believe the best recommendations come from those that recommend our services from their own experience” says Munro.

He adds, “It is about looking after the industry and growing it and hopefully providing a better service to the clients that are coming in” he said. “Having personally been a Captain for many years and now working with a number of Captains, Officers, Engineers, the common feedback is that there is a desire from Owners and their Crew for a more bespoke personal service and this is why I started Divergent Yachting. We want the vessel to know they are in the forefront of their Yacht Manager or DPA’s (Dedicated Person Ashore) mind. A prime example for us is shown in the way we manage S/Y Black Pearl, we know all the Crew personally and you will always find us either in the back office working for them or being by the side of the Owner assisting him wherever necessary”.

The Divergent Yachting team has been involved as Captains, Engineers and Owners Representatives for 14 new build projects up to 106m. Their expertise has also been involved with Fleet Training Management for Carnival Cruises plus Superyachts since 2012, Safety and Security Compliance and Yacht Accounting.

This gives them a broad and holistic approach to Yacht Management. Bringing ideas and benefits from multiple sectors to ensure the safe and efficient running of their client’s yachts.

One of Divergent Yachting key team members and the man in charge of all things ISM (International Safety Management) related is Dave Goldie. David, who has worked on a number of new build projects for shipyards such as Lürssen, Oceanco and Amels also has a strong naval background.

“We have quite a diverse group within the team, which is why we went with the name Divergent. We bring experience from different industries and apply it to suit whichever vessel we manage” says Munro.

Divergent Yachting will have a limited number of yachts on the books so as to not compromise on the more personal and attentive service that they offer. The aim is to keep to the management of 10 to 12 yachts depending on their size and to ensure that each boat or every two boats have one DPA. “So a client can ring up and speak to one person and they should know exactly what they are talking about in relation to the Clients boat and crew and how everything is going depending on how much of the management they ask us to do” he said.

Divergent’s care for the long-term health of the industry goes beyond management “We have a unique vision on a clean and green approach to yachting. Along with the Captain and the Crew we encourage the adoption of ‘Green’ processes with regards to items used onboard the likes of plastic, plus the management of waste to ensure correct recycling. We strongly believe in an overall adoption of a sustainable future in yachting. Our ‘Team’ s involvement with other activities, whether that’s our Management Office and/or our Crews, is to give back to the industry and many others.

As such we helped setup and run Superyacht Charities foundation, which we are all extremely proud to be a part of” said Munro.