RM Bids: World’s First Website for Marine Equipment Auctions

RM Bids

RM Bids, the world’s first online platform for marine equipment auctions, did not play a part in the recent auction of Indian Empress but in years to come could indeed become a vehicle on which to sell a superyacht

The company has just launched a new and improved website, expanding its services and hailing a new era of fairer maritime trade.

RM Bids.com is the world’s first private online bidding platform specialised in the marine equipment sector. Be it winches, cranes, helidecks or entire marine accommodation blocks, you can sell your equipment through our site. The bidding process is similar to Ebay,

With an exclusive focus on the marine industry as a whole, RM Bids is a online bidding platform that offers tremendous opportunities for buyers, manufacturers and sellers of marine equipment and vessels.

The new site offers additional privacy features for sellers offering both sellers and buyers have the option of being anonymous.

However, the Private Room function will allow owners who want to auction off their goods confidentially whilst knowing their potential buyers to enter a virtual auction space with pre-agreed purchasers only, all of whom sign an NDA to protect the owner’s identity. 

The website also has enhanced user experience, aiming to make every part of the trading process as easy as possible. Alongside the site RM Bids is launching a new state-of-the-art global digital marketing strategy undertaken by Google partners Relevance, and is expanding its social media and direct mail campaigns.

The site’s owners plan to take the brand to new heights, expanding its userbase and increasing global brokers to allow the entire shipping industry to benefit buyers, manufacturers and sellers

Using a transparent, easy-to-use online bidding process, the marine equipment auctions business now offers a diverse range of products, from cranes to diving equipment; from thrusters to helidecks; from cargo boats to sailing yachts.

For sellers the advantages of placing a listing on RM Bids’ new website include access to over 10,000 potential pre-vetted buyers, a strict no cure no pay policy and securing the best price in an active market, as the price is negotiated upwards from the base price rather than down from asking price.

RM Bids buyers can benefit from gaining access to ships that would be otherwise unavailable, procuring equipment through a standardised sales process from pre-vetted sellers, and flexible financing and transport options.