Raja Ampat Superyacht Team Headed up by Local Papuan

Raja Ampat

Asia Pacific Superyachts Indonesia has opened a yacht services agency in Raja Ampat.

The move comes as bureaucratic red tape in Indonesia is being slowly being removed as local governments understand the huge economic potential of visiting superyachts and other vessels.

The new branch is dedicated to giving every visiting superyacht a smooth and memorable voyage in the stunning area of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The latest services expansion to Raja Ampat is located at the yachting entrance of this amazing superyacht cruising region, right in the heartland of the hottest Asian dive and cruising destination.

With this new services launch APS Raja Ampat invites any Captains, Owners or boat crew interested in cruising these waters to contact Fitri and her team for direct, up to date and authentic information about vessel arrivals and cruising Papua Provence and Raja Ampat.

The strategically located office on the waterfront in Sorong is led by Fitri Sukma Dewi, a local Papuan woman who has worked in the superyacht services field for the last five years, reports Captain Jimmy, commenting on the importance of bringing the new office into the community and the highly experienced and knowledgeable staff on board.

“Given the vast distances in Indonesia our aim is to provide our standard high level services by a locally based team that has intimate local knowledge of authorities and challenges required by our superyacht clients arriving directly to Indonesia’s Papua province and Raja Ampat”, reports Captain Jimmy Blee, director and co-founder of APS Indonesia, adding, “The new office was off to a great start after opening in late 2017 with 120m, 75m and 95m yachts visiting and many more superyachts due through 2018. Asia Pacific Superyachts Raja Ampat is now firmly on the map!”

 “Our past Captain clients who have met Fitri know she hard working, always for the best needs of her clients and their boats. Being born and raised in Sorong there is no one in this part of the world Fitri does not know, and in particular the various Harbour and Government officials required to clear boats into this region”, notes Captain Jimmy, adding, “Fitri finds fast track solutions for our clients when other outsiders to the area struggle and met road blocks”.  APS Raja Ampat already has two permanent staff supporting the team leader – and a soon to be opened field office in Waisai – gateway port to Raja Ampat.

“I am so excited APS has recognized the growth potential and has the confidence in me to head this new base of our services platform here in Raja Ampat”, commented Ms. Fitri, adding, “Raja Ampat is one of the best cruising destinations in Asia and it is important to us that we provide on the spot permanent local support for our existing and new clients”.